Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Cuusoo

Pick of the Week

by MacLane

This is far from the first Wall-E to grace Cuusoo but it is certainly one of the bests and the first solid competitor to Suzuki's model.

While Suzuki's is cuter, this one is much more movie accurate, impressively so.  The use of flags for fingers is a great touch.   

If you like MacLane's work make sure to check out his Lego Bunny


Honorable Mentions

Queen Elizabeth II & the Gold State Coach

Look at all the Gold!  This project is a great study in creative non-space greeble.  Check out the close ups of the Coach.  The inverted, paired epaulettes topped by crowns make excellent filigree.  The snakes, axe-blade, and droid arm linkage merge for an inspired interconnect from the front wheels to the passenger compartment.  The use of pirate hooks in the rigging, though "illegal", is particularly well played. 

US Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules
by mmbace

Wow!  mmbace is quite masterful at vehicles and this Hercules is another great addition to their series.   The brick based stripes are a nice touch but I really like the assembled propellers with popsicle blades.

The Infinitely Modular Classical Temple Building

Therealindy, with this project, has relaunched his series of historical projects under one master project.  It is an impressive portfolio of work.

All in all though, despite the popularity of the collectable minifigures, ancient recreations / mythological projects have failed to galvanize the voting public to date so good luck!  I will be happy to see one of these types of projects reach 10k.

NT 082 battle mech
by tgbdz

Tgbdz has a great way of making very solid and intriguing looking sci-fi armaments.  The use of a crate for a missile array works very well.

Liebherr LTM 1070
by Dejw

The impressive video.

How it works.

Age of Empires II
by artizan

The presentation and variety of these builds is quite impressive and I love any build that diversifies the castle theme from, well, castles.  The Lego builds also do a great job of modelling small in game units in larger scale.  Unfortunately, this is also a potential hurdle for this project to jump.  In line with their game-based origins, these models are pretty, but they have no implemented/displayed playability.  This may present a hard sell as the project approaches production.     


Gas Worlds
Very unique
Rebel Assault Frigate Mark 1, version 2
This is a really impressive build.  One of the better frigates I have seen. 
Scania 142 10x4 WRECKER
This deserves a video

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