Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ideas Updated, thousands of projects archived

LEGO Ideas has shut down and come back up with all projects over two years old removed. Most projects over one year old have also been archived excepting those with at least 1000 support.
Check it out from a most supported search. It look much cleaner.

Also, going all the way back to the first day of Ideas the Ending Soon search was relatively pointless, but now it actually "works" as intended.

I look forward to seeing everybody's favorite projects getting a face lift and reposted. I will make a special point of posting those here and on Brickset.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The LEGO Ideas Deadline Bracket Results

The L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History has beat out the Drake's Head Inn to be the winner of the LEGO Ideas Deadline Bracket.

Interestingly enough...with the new rules, the Museum is young enough that it will get an extra 182 day for having more than 1000 votes. 

I would ask that if you have seen a project here that you think should make it to the review, irregardless of its standing in the bracket, that you support the project, and try to give it a bump by sharing it with others you think might support it on LEGO Ideas.  Even better, share it with websites that you think might post on it bringing in the fans during these final days.

Note: There seems to be a slight glitch with the Survey system.  When you are done voting you may need to refresh the page to see your vote included in the new tally.

The Bracket Winner is:


Project Eliminated in Round Twelve.

Project Eliminated in Round Eleven.

Project Eliminated in Round Ten.

Projects Eliminated in Round Nine.

Projects Eliminated in Round Eight.

Projects Eliminated in Round Seven.

Projects Eliminated in Round Six.

Projects Eliminated in Round Five.

Projects Eliminated in Round Four.

Projects Eliminated in Round Three.

Projects Eliminated in Round 2