Friday, August 28, 2015

One Word...well, two words as one word...SPYHUNTER!

DUDE!  I loved Spyhunter when I was growing up...constantly would be putting quarters in that machine. I love the original and the remakes...just something about being in the interceptor...taking out bad guys with a souped up ultracar...

Also...I can't wait for LEGO Dimensions...

and I have been wondering what the LEGO Dimensions Midway Arcade Level pack would be about....



That is the Spyhunter CAR!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life Size Wasp, Deflecting Wonder Woman, and Deadpool being Deadpool: Brick Built Supers!
Found this Awesome "life size" build of Wasp byTim Lydy.

The use of the flying ant wings from the Antman set is not only brilliant but totally appropriate!

The use of bananas and minifig arms for the "yellow stripes on black, while keeping a very organic curvature is inspired.

Tim has another notable brick built super hero, Wonder Woman, depicted in their piece: Pi-ting! Pit-ing! Pi-tayyng! Wooon-Daaa Wooo-Mannn!!!

Wonder Woman is able to block and reflect attacks with her bracelets which is quite awesomely depicted with trans red antenna elements.
And this article could not be complete without adding this little gem.  Deadpool being the best at what he does...being Deadpool in the piece: Hello Ladies...

Love the use of a tooth/claw for a winking eye.  The use of a LEGO minifig Deadpool head for the iconic Deadpool belt buckle is very on the nose!

This is an excellent recreation of the photo the Ryan Reynolds (the actor to play Deadpool) tweeted out.

Which in and of itself is a reference to a"classic" Burt Reynolds photo...How much more Meta can you get...a LEGO reference to a photo which is a reference to an other photo and then throwing Deadpool into the whole thing...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Raise the Nautilus!

Celebrated AFOL Orion Pax has 9 Days to get the Nautilus to 5000 supporters.
If they can reach that milestone the project will get another 6 months to reach 10,000. Otherwise it will be sunk.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Reaches 10,000 Supporters

Brent Waller, the fan designer behind the Official Ghostbusters LEGO set has gotten their third project to the review stage with Stay Puft.

I have always thought this was a really impressive MOC to go with the wide array of Ghostbuster fire stations I often see on display. I particularly like how the red bow is done with a sausage element.
Stay Puft will join the following projects in the next review:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Love getting my news in LEGO format

I always get a big kick out of seeing a MOC that informs about current how Antman crushed Fantastic Four at the Box Office demonstrated in "The people have spoken!" by LEGO Will.

Iain Heath is one of the more reliable AFOLs for presenting current news and pop culture events in brick form, such as with this depiction of the NASA's New Horizons doing its Pluto flyby.
Sometimes seeing a MOC re-imagined my a variety of creators is what tells you something is going on.

You see one crazy looking vehicle with a ton of speakers and crazy band members and you think "Wow, that is a creative MOC."  But then when you see it again, and again, and realize you must be missing something that is trending.  

Friday, August 7, 2015

Breaking the First Wall: Explosive Effects

Every now and then you see one of these shockingly visual builds that seem to capture a instant in transition, like an explosion or a launch.  From time to time you will also encounter really great looking "shattered" effects created to go with it.  This creates amazing, dynamic energy and gives a sureal "Bullet Time" effect when executed well.  

Paddy Bricksplitter has done a beautiful job showcasing this effects for their piece "Suddenly..."

Bricksplitter adds some extra punch ;) to this effects with clever poses for the minifigs.  Superman really looks like he was thrown through this the middle of the flying debris.  The "upswirling" cape is an extremely clever accent to complete the effect.

To top it all off, the appartment, prior to being wrecked,  already displayed an enviable level of building skill and in post production, adding the comic book effects adds a great touch.

Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a. Xenomurphy, another very talented AFOL, has an excellent piece which also demonstrates this "explosion with shatter" effect with their Spider-man vs. Vulture build.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Epic Airship designed by Teareado and rendered by Nachapon

I have a passion for Airships.  I really don't know where it started but any time I see some anachornistic floating galeon-esque type vessel I just get a little giddy and daydreamy.  

This "Cloud Ship" by Teareado is one of the most amazing airships I have ever seen in LEGO and it is a pleasure to share it with you.  

Teareado has made the LDD for this airship availble for download and to be sure, this is rendering so the "build" need not actually support its own weight..but I have been toying with a brick built Airbag like the one depicted for a while and hope to one day to actualize something similar. 

Thanks to Nachapon for posting this image.   Nachapon is one of most prolific and skilled LEGO renderers out there.  His portfolio is quite impressive and certainly worth the time to check out.  


Monday, August 3, 2015

Official LEGO Video on how LEGO Big Bang Theory came to be

LEGO invited Ellen and me to discuss how we developed our LEGO Big Bang Theory project.  I think it turned out pretty good! 

I hope you enjoy the video.