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Cuusoo Advice: Tags

Ok, so I promised a Chapter 7: "How to make a successful project" a while ago now. I have realized I am not going to finish it in one go so I am going to publish it in sections and them compile them when they are all published.

 I see so many projects that are really great but hidden away in the depths of Cuusoo.  How does this happen?  Well, a lot of them have improper tag usage or no tags at all.  So here is a explanation of why tags are important and how to pick the best tags for your project. 

The Importance of Tags


For the first few days after a project is created, it has the benefit of being showcased as a new project and is thus easy to find by anyone who casually visits Cuusoo.  Additionally, the initial "flurry" of supporters and commenters also keeps the project bubbling up in the "Right Now" feed.  Once your project gets kicked out of the "new" folder though and the initial surge dies down,  people can only find your project in Cuusoo in one of the following ways:

  • They spot your project on the front page when someone interfaces with it
  • They follow you as a creator and notice the posting in their Activity Feed
  • They page though all the projects and see your project 
  • They look at someone's feed or profile that contains your project
  • They search a word or phrase that your project includes
  • They do a tag search that includes one of your tags 
  • They look at another project and see your project as a related project 
  • They support another project and see your project as a recommended project 
 That looks like a long list, but the vast majority of it relies on random happenstance or the actions of other users.  The only ones you have direct control over are the bottom three, and those are all related to Tags. 

What are Tags


Wikipedia has a great description of Tags so I won't reinvent the wheel here:

"a tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are generally chosen informally and personally by the item's creator or by its viewer, depending on the system."

In Cuusoo, Tags are found at the very bottom of a project.  A project can have up to 10 tags.  If you click on a tag in a project or on the Discovery page, it will initiate a search based on that tag which you can sort by recent, most supported, most commented or most viewed.

Cuusoo also uses the Tag system to find "Related Projects".  Each time a project is presented in a browser, an algorithm goes out and finds other projects of various support levels which have matching tags and randomly brings back up to five of them.

When you support a project a similar algorithm kicks off to show you the "Here are some other projects you may like" window.  This tag search however uses support as a metric.  While the "Related Projects" tends to be very random within a tag, the post-support suggestions will show you the most supported projects that have that tag.  For instance, any project with the sculpture , artwork, or miniature tags are likely to show you Small Yellow as it is the most supported project having each of those tags 

Setting Tags 


Setting tags is relativly easy but the interface is not exactly intuitive to people who are not used to using tags.

When you type in your project's tags and you are satisfied with a word or phrase, press the comma key or the enter key.  This terminates your tag and starts a new one.   Each individual tag will be displayed in an oval.  While you are editing your project there will be an "X" at the end of each tag.  Clicking on that "X" will delete that tag.

Many people make the mistake of not splitting up their tags so they end up with one giant tag that does nothing for connectivity.   For instance someone might end up with the single tag "Star Wars The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker" instead of "Star Wars" "The Clone Wars" "Anakin Skywalker". Do note however that small tags will actually throw you in with larger tags that contain them.  So the tag "Wars" WILL link you with "Star Wars" tags. 

You can have up to ten tags and they can technically be any word or phrase you choose.  You should however avoid phrases like Lego and Cuusoo

Setting Good Tags


Find the projects your project should link to and use their tags     

This is the easiest way to get a good tag.  Find a project that embodies the "Tag" you are trying to come up with and see what they are using.  Remember, Tags are about community.  So if you are making a power suit project, check the Exo Suit project.  Its tags are:
Click on each tag and see what comes up.  If the projects that come up in the search match the feel for the tag you are looking for...well, you have found your tag! Make sure you spell it correctly though.

Note, that tag searches are not in real time.  There is a database that is generated of all the tags and that is searched when you perform a tag search.  That may sound confusing but the point of it is that if you change your project to have the tag Exosuit, you will not immediately find your project in a search of Exosuit.  It takes a bit of time for your new tags to be uploaded into the larger collective of tags, sometimes hours.  

Create your own Label

Although this sounds initially counter-intuitive to advice of not making a Unique tag, if you have more than one project, or a community of like-minded creators, create a new tag that all your projects share.  For instance, all my projects use the tag GlenBricker and TexLug.  GlenBricker for myself and TexLug for the community of creators I am a member of.  This allows your more popular or well known projects lead to your lesser known projects more effectively than any other method available to you in Cuusoo.

Avoid Self Worship 

There are awesome project and there are projects that say they are awesome.  Some project with tags like "Awesome" and "Cool" are just that, but many more are not.

The fact is that descriptors like these are totally up to the eye of the beholder.  Some potential supporters are turned off by improper use of these tags so use them with caution if at all.  

Don't Spam

Each project creator is free to put whatever tag they want on their project and some of them abuse the privilege in an attempt to force their projects on a wider audience.  They do this by putting tags on their projects that are popular but totally unrelated to the project.   Minecraft and Star Wars are often abused in this fashion.

This activity shows poor etiquette, lack of respect for other Cuusoo users, and in the long run has little return for the project.

Unfortunately as a Cuusoo user there is nothing you can do directly about this activity.  When you do encounter it you can politely ask project creators to refrain from this activity.

Review your Tags 

Regularly check your Tags.  Tags are "living" networks that drift and change over time.  Keep them up to date and see what is going on.

Biggest is not Always Best

Many people make the mistake of trying to make all their Tag the most popular ones.  This ensures that you are a little fish in a small pond.  There are a huge number of projects that use the "Space" tag for instance.  This means that your project will only rarely show up on other Space projects.  Try to throw in some moderately sized tags as well, ones that are likely to come up, but still have a respectfully small population. 

Suggested and "Corrected" Tags

The "No IP" tag

Many people seem to be interested in supporting projects that are totally original.  They want to support projects that are not dependent on licenses and express a higher level of originality.

I suggest if you have one of these project that you put the tag "No IP" on the project so that these supporters can find you more easily.

"New Part" tag

If you have a new part, please put the tag "New Part" in it so that you can be cataloged and found more easily.

"Star Wars" not "Starwars"

A few Star Wars projects use the tag "Starwars" but the vast majority use "Star Wars."  If you have a Star Wars project you might want to double check this. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cuusoo Week in Review: September 24th

General News

Reaching 1000

The Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater and Douglas DC-3 both crossed the 1000 supporters milestones this week.

Lego at SXSW

A few weeks ago I asked for your support in getting a Cuusoo panel at SXSW Interactive.  Now Lego Education wants in on the game.  Please give them a hand getting to the show by supporting the events bellow:

Days to 10k Report

This week's Days to 10k report has been released and is available here or you can use the link in the left column of the page to always take you to the latest report.   No projects in the post 200  supporters have been dropped this week.  Kevinhink's LEGO Pokémon and my own  Corellian Defender made significant gains. 

Pick of the Week

Angel's X-71 Starfighter 'The Valkyrie'
by Razorfly

This is a fun build and a unique approach to space fighters not represented well in Cuusoo, Lego, or toys in general.  The spacecraft itself, even ignoring the color scheme is a novel design and I applaud them for that, but using  various purples Razorfly has cemented the uniqueness of the overall design. 

Honorable Mentions

Clone Wars Brick-built Droid Packs No.3: B3 'ULTRA' Battle Droids
by Sepsymp

I am always fascinated and impressed by Sepsymp very dynamic minifig scale built droids.  Sepsymp always finds new and clever ways to combine parts in ways that have never occurred to me.  Using pistols for elbows,  what a great idea!   

Futuristic Sports car Mechabot
by Alanyap

I continue to be entertained by the creativity that Lego fans have for these dynamic builds that change from form to form without diss assembly.  On top of the brilliant mechanics, this just looks cool. 

Statistics & Analysis

Projects Submitted 44
Average Support 7.95
Standard Deviation 7.75

Projects under 5 support 23
Projects with at least 10 support 13
Projects with at least 25 support 1
Projects with at least 50 support 0
Projects with at least 100 support 0


Week of Cuusoo

I decided to put the cutoff at 3 support this week.

Castle 375 Redesign
by Sylverdragon

Support Level: 29
I like this set a lot.  In fact I am pretty crazy about homages in general.  I think Sylverdragon would be well served by updating the castle a bit more than he has while still attempting to maintain the feel of the original.  Suggestion would be to vary the figures more, implement a method of access for the knights to actually reach the top of the towers (a ladder perhaps) and use modern "stained glass" building techniques for the back window.

Note that the roman numerals over the arch are 375.  Very clever

Batpod and Bane Chase
by Simple1dea

Support Level: 23
There is an extreme amount of Batpods on Cuusoo as it is.  This one distinguishes itself by including Bane, which I am surprised that no one else has done.  Also, this Batpod seems a little more "legal" than most of the others. 

by Gilkido

Support Level: 23
Gilkido's builds are always very interesting to look at.  A lot of novel variations on Star Wars themes.  I am not sure that there really needs to be any correlation to Star Wars though.  I think that hurts the long term viability of this project when it already stands on its own very well, in my opinion. 

Naboo Theed Generator Complex
by Marvologaunt

Support Level: 23
This set has a lot of character, features, and playability.  It would have to overcome the hurdle though that it is effectively a diorama of a death scene of two major characters.  (Yes, I know that Darth Maul is still alive).   

Support Level: 22
TIE Phantom
Support Level: 18

Futuristic Sports car Mechabot
Support Level: 15

Lord of The Rings - Bag End
Support Level: 14
Support Level: 11

Tri Changer Dino Jet Mecha
Support Level: 9
Knight's Stable
Support Level: 8
Anne of Green Gables
Support Level: 7

Mid Engine Supercar
Support Level: 7

HOV Alvin
Support Level: 6

Scout Hover Tank
Support Level: 4

Kid Icarus Project
Support Level: 4

Harrower Class-Dreadnaught
Support Level: 3
Attack buggy
Support Level: 3
LEGO Universe- Bone Wolf
Support Level: 3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: Days to 10k

For the foreseeable future this report will be published every Thursday morning.  

Review of the Rates

This review goes over several weeks, so the corrections to the Small Yellow votes are still causing problems with my metrics and it has therefore been left out of this weeks report. 

Kevinhink's LEGO Pokémon received a huge bump in support likely due to his new campaign to vote for your choice of Pokémon and some social networking by the fans.  The support rate for that project has double in the last week cutting 1500 days off the expected review date.

Glenbricker's (me) Corellian Defender had the biggest surge this week being in the top 10 most supported projects last week.  I attribute these gains to massive project updates, presentation upgrades, and getting the word out.  It has tripled in support rate and cut 3400 days off the expected review date.

Now of course anything can happen and these review dates are just based on a simple projection.  For either project to meet those dates they will have to maintain those hearty support levels.

As for dropouts, I will have to get you that data later today.  


Approaching 1k Milestone

Congratulations to Ssorg and the  Douglas DC-3 for passing the 1000 point milestone.  The mini-cooper has moved into second place but the Galaxy Diner is just 3 support away!

Please, if you have not supported the Diner yet, go ahead and give them that one vote so they can get an official note.   

Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater
Support Level: 997
Mini Cooper
Support Level: 987
Star Wars Opee Sea Killer
Support Level: 952

Deadline Review

The next review is December 3rd, 2012...that is 67 days from today. Prospects are not looking good as the all the top prospects are outside that window.

Any project that does not make it to the December 3rd deadline will have to wait another 3 months to even get started.

Don't like how slow a project is going? 

Give it some indirect support to help speed things up.  This link has plenty of examples how.   You can also give your favorite project a guest review. Click here for more info.

Days to 10K

The Land-Rover got a huge boost last week.   Sorry but there are no deltas this week.  I ran into a processing error that removed the data of interest.  I have corrected the coded for the unexpected condition but data was lost. 

Space Marines!Nickroyer19.09 89-
Exo SuitPeterreid16.68 168-
Andy/Bugdroid the Android by GoogleGlhturbo17.82 180-
Land-Rover Defender 110Sheepo24.15 190+
- The Legend of Zelda Project -Ragaru17.91 297-
Mini Shop SeriesPekko22.07 346-
LEGO Bird SeriesDetomaso10.49 607-
Batmobile Tumbler Minifig ScaleBrentwaller7.56 788-
Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored partsMaxvf16.47 884-
Labyrinth Marble MazeTouthomme6.99 1070-
Ancient World CivilizationsMatija7.75 1178+
Japanese old style architectureTaxon555.39 1186-
Corellian Defender (Star Wars the Old Republic)Glenbricker7.28 1298+
Realistic treesPaultox6.14 1363-
Invisible HandLdiego5.29 1383-
Vampire GT SupercarCrowkillers5.67 1383+
Batman: Killer Croc's LairBrickqueen6.0 1418-
Desktop Series: Sky-FiRongyiren6.24 1484-
Medusa's TempleStrider6.43 1501+
Modular Apple StoreGotoandbuild3.83 1579-
Apollo 11 Lunar MissionSuzuki4.91 1632-
PianoHidaka4.06 1738-
The Bat RisesVelociraptor5.01 1773-
BTTF - UCS DeLorean Time MachineTeambttf3.97 1798-
The Glory of RomeMminnitt4.3 1826-
Modular Town Plan CinemaHinckley4.58 1892-
UCS Venator-Class Star DestroyerJourianbax4.96 1930+
LEGO Architecture - Leaning Tower of PisaMoctown3.83 1942-
Douglas DC-3Ssorg4.54 1980-
Batman: Man-Bat's LabBrickqueen4.35 2021-
Ultimate Collectors Series LightsabersScott345674.06 2064-
LEGO PokémonKevinhink4.49 2110+
Red SquirrelVuurzoon3.97 2161-
League of Legends of LegoAddam3.45 2194-
MINECRAFT Microworld Add-Ons!Dunc2374.16 2301-
Flying DutchmanSebeus3.83 2320-
Pokemon: GyaradosRetinence3.73 2387-
Mini CooperSteven19803.69 2443+
Micro Scale Star Wars ScenesToomuchcaffe3.4 2496-
Porsche 997 GT3Crowkillers3.78 2518+
Adventure Time! Tree FortDunc2373.83 2531+
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GrandsportSheepo3.45 2658-
LEGO Mobile Designer for Nintendo 3DS & other devicesFrankie3.07 2674-
Phineas and FerbAwesomeethan2.98 2679-
Lego StoreRayc3.36 2697-
Majestic Airship!Ssorg3.4 2741+
Tiny TrucksRobiwan3.36 2851+
LEGO Settlers of CatanMichael2.88 2861-
Ladyada's Workshop!Adafruit2.41 3090-
Western Town - Pif Paf CityKris_kelvin2.88 3102-
GhostbustersTeekay2.55 3224-
The Muppets!Jedikermit2.74 3248-
Motorized TumblerMahj2.84 3261-
LEGO Star Wars Micro Chess SetAvisolo2.69 3290-
Roller CoasterLuc20002.79 3318-
HardsuitsIron_s2.74 3326-
Marvel Avengers Board GamePekko2.84 3390-
Transforming Retro Video Game AccessoriesVonbrunk2.46 3724-
UCS Star Wars Jedi Temple CoruscantDimitriniko2.27 3854-
LEGO UCS TARDIS and other Doctor Who setsXenomurphy2.36 3895-
Legolympus (Mythology Theme with Mount Olympus Set)Kiffington2.32 3981-
Castle CrashersCzar2.08 3994-
Mirage (realistically speaking)Nannan1.89 4009-
Micro-build Hogwarts CastleBekindrewind2.27 4090+
Star Wars Universe PacksBorex2.27 4244-
MINI Cooper Mark ISheepo2.17 4326-
Medieval Market StreetAlexp2.08 4408-
Galaxy Diner and Empire TheaterSonicstar2.03 4435-
LEGO Minecraft Board GameOrcaman42.13 4439-
Star Wars Season 4 Phase 2 Clone Battle PacksZspace2.14 4467-
Log Cabin - Two Seasons!Ssorg2.13 4471-
WOLFPACK CASTLEReekardoo2.03 4764+
Modular Costume Store for Collectible MinifiguresBrentwaller1.94 4769-
Angry Birds - RedChiukeung1.8 4910-
RMS TitanicSsorg1.89 4986-
Cinematic Minifigure SeriesSgtdisney551.89 4998-
Prototype Attack Mecha Alpha ZeroDanr1.75 5091-
MacrofiguresCrashsanders1.8 5212+
UCS All Terrain Armoured TransportCavegod1.75 5214-
Wild EncountersWrinkledog1.75 5279-
LEGO Avengers: The Video GameAwesomeethan1.8 5427+
ARAK-N3Mahj1.7 5492-
The Drake's Head InnAlexp1.7 5510-
Camper Van ForeverNuno25001.7 5524-
Dump Truck 10x4Designer_han1.7 5631-
UCS Naboo Royal StarshipAnio1.61 5764-
HindenburgJjottens1.61 5771-
Lego DC Heroes Minifigures Series 1Maniacdude1.61 6029-
Kashyyyk-Gunship 7676 UCS - Custom Star Wars 3d_predator1.56 6135-
Star Wars Opee Sea KillerPepaquin1.47 6156-
Mini BatmobileTiler1.51 6242-
Corner Candy Modular BuildingWaltzking1.51 6253-
Goblin Fortress RuinsAlexp1.51 6327-
The Tumbler CollectionVelociraptor1.51 6333-
Lotus 43 F1Roscopc1.51 6359-
Starcraft 2 Siege Tank - Remote ControlBasilfawlty1.47 6454-
ASTACO ?????Midori1.47 6462-
Lego minifigures in action figure boxes! A new way to collect!Gruntbuddy1.47 6495-
Avengers IRONMAN gantrymachine2.0Choisanghun1.47 6538-
Micro Power Functions (motors, battery, valve, LED)Midori1.42 6542-
Apple Store Vending MachineLgorlando1.47 6569-
Bricklyn Borough CourthouseSonicstar1.42 6706-
General Grievous' Wheel BikeTbbcustoms1.37 6861-
Minecraft ChickenLegitimateal1.37 6881-
- MegaMan Project -Alatariel1.38 7101+
Minecraft, the NetherDookie1.32 7230-
IRON MAN gantrymachineChoisanghun1.32 7235-
Themed Brick BoxOdd.robot1.28 7293-
LEGO WALL-E!!Suzuki1.23 7567-
EVE Online Ships - MerlinCzar1.13 7609-
Pipe OrganHidaka1.23 7709-
A UCS series of shipsKonajra1.23 7810-
Minecraft, Snow biomeDookie1.23 7818-
Kamino Cloning FacilityDmf4441.23 7882-
MonorailHidaka1.18 8025-
the Rhinoceros by Theo JansenKvanb1.09 8345-
Western WIPMatija1.09 8709-
Legend of Zelda: King of Red LionsFlailx1.09 8771-
RancorDaiman1.04 8857-
RESEARCH LAB SUBMARINE (Modular with interiors)GRusso1.1 8908+
UCS Tron Light CycleAbathar61.04 9058-
Star Wars Modular Buildings/LocationsAcpin1.04 9080-
Ford Model A Gangsters' Getaway Car; ????????A ???? ???Brickadierg1.04 9100-
Flooded Temple RuinsHinckley1.04 9231-
The ManticoreCsf_blake1.04 9241+
Rebel SnowspeederDrakmin1.04 9351-
Star Wars - Star Tours Starspeeder 3000Hjr-holland0.99 9785-
Odeon CinemaTeunis0.99 9844-
BTTF - Biff Tannen's FordTeambttf0.99 9852-
Avengers Captain AmericaChoisanghun0.99 9885+
Lego Mountain BikingJ4mes0.8 9887-
X Men: X Mansionphillipe0.99 9892+
Death Star II wall/desk clock sculptureWwwally0.95 10107-
Minifig furniture - bedroomBrixe0.97 10116+
New Parts design for SNOT 2-sided stud (+inv)(+stud only for Brick2Plate, B2B, P2P)Nachapon0.9 10160-
ARC-170 starfighter UCSThire50.95 10209-
Modular Death StarRunar0.95 10224-
Food TruckSpacysmoke0.9 10630-
Star Wars Combine-able Battle pack(s) Combinatorial Mini Sets UPDATEDSamiam0.9 10673-
Modular Police StationEzzkazz0.9 10777-
Amusement Park Ride - Twist and Whirl Ride - now MOTORIZED!Derekmedina0.9 10804+
Willys JEEPSuzuki0.8 11182-
Scorpion's Soul Pirate ShipHasskabal0.85 11185-
LEGO Legend of KorraThenerd0.85 11336-
Starfighter "Blue Vengeance" Konajra0.85 11451-
The Wizard's HouseAlexp0.85 11452-
Minecraft VillageThenerd0.85 11471-
Doctor Who UCS TARDISklsmith0070.83 11805+
Star Wars Constructable Collectible Astromech DroidsSparkart0.8 12002-
Jedi Mission Battle Pack-p-e-d-r-o-0.8 12024-
NASA Deep Space Habitat and RoverBrianr88110.76 12181-
Star Wars: Imperial Sith InterceptorJourianbax0.8 12208+
LEGO Architecture - MetLife Building, NY CityMoctown0.76 12333-
Mercy General City HospitalLgorlando0.76 12479-
Battle of KashyyykWertyjj0.76 12724-
SEPARATIST DROID Battle-PackSepsymp0.76 12728-
Lovely Sailboat!Ssorg0.76 12749-
NNN NewsmobileDavidpickett0.76 12779-
LEGO Star Wars - Jedi TempleHylianus0.76 12816+
Minecraft characters setDookie0.76 12850-
Stark TowerMmystery920.76 12856-
Winter Village Train DepotTed_andes0.76 12890-
TrebuchetMarko0.71 13195-
Muunilinst 10 LAATKnoose0.71 13595-
BIONICLE: The Legend ContinuesKon10.71 13671-
Big VillaVoyagetom0.71 13777-
MythBustersTeabox0.71 13795+
Portal Test ChamberT-brick0.66 13802-
Female Minifigure SetAlatariel0.66 14137-
Appa from Avatar: The Last AirbenderOkay0.66 14497-
LIGR (Light Infantry Grid Runner)Danr0.66 14584-
Monochrome Boxed SetSteelwoolg0.66 14650-
T. Rex encounter from Jurassic ParkPmiaki0.66 14669-
Jeep Wrangler JK 4-door OffRoaderJeeper0.66 14717+
Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)Spacysmoke0.66 14766-
Star Wars: Darth Vader's Meditation ChamberDarthhspawn0.66 14794-
Lord of the Rings Rohan Soldier and Elf Archer Battle PackTimble-goorn0.66 14810+
Roman ColosseumGrusso0.66 14813+
LOTR: Minas Tirith MicrobuildShayd_degrai0.66 14840-
Minifig furniture - child's roomBrixe0.66 14843-
TRANDOSHAN 'Wookie Hunt' Setsepsymp0.66 14843+
Ogre Mark V (Display Scale)Glenbricker0.61 15245+
Super Mario WorldTeekay0.61 15841-
Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone)Gtrocks11110.61 15919-
Himeji Castle ??? - LEGO ArchitectureSess0.61 15994+
Countach LP400Skyliner0.61 16045-
ALA-N: Astronautical Lunar Android 9Brentwaller0.61 16061+
Villa SAVOYE - ?????Kingarthur0.58 16804
Omniwheel VehicleMahj0.57 16979-
BTTF - Hill Valley CourthouseTeambttf0.57 17064-
MEGADETHMegzter0.57 17129-
USS ENTERPRISEScrawford40.57 17193+
Stilzkin Bridge Launchermahj0.55 17822+
LOTR: Fall of the Witch KingShayd_DeGrai0.55 17840+
800% JUMBO Minifigs!Jd-830.54 18147+
Lego Roller Coaster (Create your own with interconnecting bricks and customizable trains!)Rccreator10.52 18722-
The BatMahj0.52 18731-
How to Train your DragonStormbringer0.52 18764-
Mechwarrior Battletech AtlasCzar0.52 18764-
Airbus A380-800Brugier0.52 18770-
Dragon SlayersLizardman0.47 19566-
MLB Stadium Kits (like this one created by Jason Burik)Gusramsey0.47 19671-
Futra CS Concept carErthandfiya0.47 20481-
Italian Style Renaissance Modular BuldingsMautara0.47 20594-
Induction LampSamuq0.47 20600-
Posable 22" SkeletonChokinghaz0.47 20605-
Minifig furniture - living roomBrixe0.47 20760-
Starfox Assault ArwingV1lain0.47 20773-
??? (???) Kinkaku-jiAlanboar0.47 20803+
BATMAN classic BATMOBILE 1960 (by KENTA974)Kenta9740.47 20820-
Legend of Zelda: Master Sword & PedestalFlanbrosinc0.47 20822
star wars rancor - minifig scaleI-vano0.43 22517-
Minecraft, The end.Dookie0.43 22605-
Additional wagon for Emerald Night #10194Knicky0.43 22731-
Apollo 11 - Scale Model - Lunar OrbitJohnmknight0.43 22759-
Minifigure in 'Kalocsai' folk wearKLIKKinfo0.41 23913+
PotC - Jack Sparrow vs. KrakenSkrytsson0.41 23937+
WindmillTavernellos0.38 25764-
ASIMO & AIBO / Cool JAPAN Robot seriesSuzuki0.38 25769-
WW2 Dodge WC54 AmbulanceDunechaser0.38 25782+
Minifigures Serie 1:Star WarsChasse0980.38 25790-
Reddit AlienPepaquin0.33 29297-
Samurai Battle Gear Display SetSuzuki0.33 29413-
Museum Modular BuildingT-brick0.33 29619-
Battlestar Galactica Mk VII Colonial ViperScott345670.33 29691+
Microfig MechaCrashsanders0.33 29694-
PALETTE BUCKETS (Castle, Nature & City Bricks)Jedi19840.33 29700-
Octan in SpaceCsf_blake0.32 30660+
EVE Online Ships - MyrmidonCmoe0.28 34100-
Mr. Bean's CarAlanboar0.28 34679-
CT-37 Tri Wing TerrorCurtydc0.28 34825+
Light & Sound Ladder TruckMadphysicist0.28 34833-
Chrome Queen Amidala Royal Starship Star WarsEtcknight0.28 34847+
It's a Brick World after all...Robertblok0.28 34854-
Water slide, Great Ball Contraption (GBC), gumball machine, marble run, drill, minigolf..Nachapon0.28 34968-
????-VOCALOID Hatsune Miku05moko0.28 34990-
Plants vs. Zombies: Minifig ScaleMewsette250.28 35000-
Johnny 5 from short circuitSteven19800.28 35040+
GREEN GUARDIANS - Heroes for Earth!Bravoblocks0.24 35380-
Mysteries of Hogwarts - Lego Harry Potter Licensed ThemeOrejon80.26 37739+
LEGO RIP Steve Jobs MosaicMetalhead0.24 40255-
Star Wars Battle of Felucia (Ep. 3)Ipod0.24 40350-
The Landscaping KitSavatheaggie0.24 40513-
Sike CostumesMlavwilson0.24 40521-
Legopolis (Ancient Greece and/or Rome)Spiderpudel0.24 40688-
Modular BankKris_kelvin0.24 40755-
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Ogre game scale elementsGlenbricker0.14 69129+
Einherji Fighter from EVE OnlineGuindel0.14 69229-
????????/ Black BucketKohei0.14 69358+
The Battle of UtapauNanaBrown0.14 70115+
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesLkevlkev0.09 107423+
Caterpillar BulldozerDvdllr0.09 107900-
Venus Climate Orbiter AKATSUKI????????????Daisuke0.09 108578-
Modular Medical CenterSabriyo0.09 108778-
ARENA CORINTHIANSRecaro0.05 192680-

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cuusoo Collections: Real Vehicles

Lego and Vehicles have enjoyed a strong bond for decades.  Vehicles in fact make up the majority of Lego sets.

At a convention a Lego representative even once said that the first time Lego Batman came out...Lego actually had the option of making other characters as well, like Superman, but they opted out because they couldn't match a vehicle with the other DC characters anywhere near as well as Batman.  

It only makes sense that Cuusoo would be populated by its own wealth of vehicles then.

With this posting I am delivering to you all the "realistic" vehicles in Cuusoo from 50 support and up.  There are a few vehicles that technically might not have been but easily could have been (Majestic Airship and the Tuscan for instance) and left out any vehicles with fantastical elements or fictional IP (Back to the Future, etc)

Every one of these vehicles is of high quality.  I seriously recommend that you support them to help them get the distinction they deserve. 

Personal Favorite

Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)
Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III) Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)

This ambulance is my favorite vehicle "set" on Cuusoo.  There are some prettier that would be great for display and such and certainly more extreme, but I like this one for how much it packs into such a small frame.  

Its detailing is top notch with all the medical equipment crammed into that vehicle and it uses a great droid arm technique on the doors.  

There is no legitimate reason for this project to only have 254 supporters!

The "Real" Vehicle Collection

Land-Rover Defender 110
Support Level: 5389
Vampire GT Supercar
Support Level: 2155
Apollo 11 Lunar Mission
Support Level: 1981
Willys JEEP
Support Level: 1055
Douglas DC-3
Support Level: 1002

Mini Cooper
Support Level: 961
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grandsport
Support Level: 831
Majestic Airship!
Support Level: 681

MINI Cooper Mark I
Support Level: 613
Camper Van Forever
Support Level: 609
RMS Titanic
Support Level: 575

ASTACO 双腕仕様機
Support Level: 501
Porsche 997 GT3
Support Level: 482

Food Truck
Support Level: 431
Dump Truck 10x4
Support Level: 428
Tiny Trucks
Support Level: 416

Lotus 43 F1
Support Level: 394
A UCS series of ships
Support Level: 392
Caterpillar Bulldozer
Support Level: 289

Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)
Support Level: 254

BTTF - Biff Tannen's Ford
Support Level: 247
Light & Sound Ladder Truck
Support Level: 246
Airbus A380-800
Support Level: 239

R/C H1 UC Edition
Support Level: 130
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Support Level: 116
Japanese Steam Locomotive C11
Support Level: 116

WWII Fighter Series
Support Level: 109
Support Level: 108

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 1970
Support Level: 99
Realistic Fire Engine
Support Level: 71
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Support Level: 70

Trading Ship
Support Level: 69
PF Garbage truck
Support Level: 68

TV Crew
Support Level: 63
Ferrari F1 312T
Support Level: 63

Dodge Dart 73
Support Level: 63
BRC-161 Skua SAR
Support Level: 62