Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cuusoo of the Week

Open Letter to Project Creators Who Don't Support Projects

For those interested I have posted an open letter here to the small subset of Cuusoo creators who don't support other projects.  This is not in any way a witch hunt, I am not naming names.  I am just trying to give these people perspective on how these people are portraying themselves, which may are may not be accurate to their true nature.

Pick of the Week

The L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History

I, at lest personally, give a lot of the modulars on Cuusoo grief for not showing their internals.  I think a modular has to have both an impressive exterior and interior.  Challenging the preconceptions of Lego architecture and design.

Klikstyle's The L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History, however, is so fresh and complex and compelling from the exterior that I would have selected this for my pick of the week without a single shot of the interiors (though they are quite impressive as well).

The "suspended atrium" is an epic feature: visually compelling and technically challenging.  The color scheme of dark blue grey and nougat plays together excellently.  The elements of the building avoid repetition with innovative brick use and appealing variations.

Despite my earlier comments, the interior is not to be missed.  The "museum displays" are well thought out and showcase skill in small, clever design work as well.

All in all, an excellent build.

Honorable Mentions

CRG Dawnlight
by tgbdz

This is a really marvelous ship!  There are tons of little details all over that scream Sci-Fi.  It has a really excellent "clean greeble" feel with all kinds of compelling geometries that really draw in serious Lego builders. 

tgbdz continues to be one of my favorite Lego designers on Cuusoo.


When I ask AFOLs which builders they admire, the name "Orion Pax" comes up, a LOT.  And it is pretty clear why with this amazing K.I.T.T.

K.I.T.T. has become a popular subject on Cuusoo of later but this one manages to look very smooth while still conveying the key feature of the car, including the glowing red bar at the front.

For those of you unfamiliar with Orion Pax's work, I suggest you check it out

E.BE Sport Car

This is a very solid, really fun car.  The car has a bit of bulk to it but it wears it really well.  Additionally the hood, trunk, and doors all open.  There is even a excellent motor under the hood that matches the design style of the rest of the build.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
by fatfred
At least the third on Cuusoo but my favorite to date.  Not sure how many people are familiar with this vehicle though.  Tough to get in touch with the audience of such a classic.
Harley Davidson Elektra Glide
by fatfred
Extremely well done motorcycle.  I like the windshield a lot. 
Small Trawler
This is a great example of building to a scale that is acceptable to figures and the budget.
GALAXY COMMAND - Arthalian Pirates
Reekardoo and Kitbristo keep churning out quality content for Galaxy Command.   
Harry Potter Black family s house
by SHuN23
SHuN23 has taken a very interesting approach here by leaving off he walls of the build.  I think it is a smart move.
1984 Macintosh iPad Dock - 30th Anniversary
I just don't get it.  You take a marvel of portability and then you put it in a really expensive, very large case.  I always have some difficulty with "utilitarian Lego" projects.

I think this is an excellent MOC, a fun display, and a brilliantly orchestrated marketing ploy,  but I can't wrap my brain around this for a product.  More power to them certainly, but who is the market for this?

Think about it.  This is by definition only for iPad owners, which, I grant you, is a large community, but still, it is a singular club.  Then you need that special subset of iPad owners that are enamored enough the 84 Mac that they want to put their iPad in a stationary cube that mimics the look of it, all the while preventing charging, holding vertical, and one may assume, deadens the acoustics.  On top of that this target audience further is willing to pay the extra expense of having the whole thing made of Lego instead of a single plastic shell.

The team did a wonderful job playing on the business aspect of their video, but that was about entertaining people.  Marketing is another issue.  I wish them great luck, I could be totally wrong, but like I said, I always find these utilitarian projects confusing.   

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