Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Pick of the Week

Civilization: Beyond Earth Worker Mech

This is about as good it gets as far as project execution.

With the main image we have:
  • An attractive model that is well scaled to the target audience and does not discourage people unfamiliar with the IP 
  • The quality of the model image is first rate, showing its features clearly with great lighting, angle, and focus
  • The dialog on the main image makes the subject matter clear
  • The additional graphic accentuate the draw to the project without detracting from the subject
And as far as the subject:
  • Vehicles and Mech appeal to LEGO and its fans and this is combination of both.
  • Civilization has inroads with both old school gamer and new audiences
  • The project release is well timed with the release of the game
This is one of those project that stands firmly at the kind of production values and presentation that one should aim for when creating a project on Ideas.

A few points that I would add though:
  • This project did well to come out just after the game, but ideally when your project is based on anything with a date involved, you want to strive to get it out in advance to take full advantage of the hype.   I do assume however that in this case, AndrewClark2 maybe have been contractually obligated to postpone the release until after the game went public.  This advice is really directed to the public at large.
  • There are unavoidable similarities between this build and Emmet's construction mecha from the LEGO Movie.  This could negatively impact LEGO's decision to produce as to not confuse branding.   There is nothing to be done about this though.  If you have an idea, and it shares some elements with something LEGO is already doing, consider what you can change to make it more novel and what you want to keep to get buy-in, but if you are basing it on a specific subject (such as a Civilization Worker Mech in this case), all you can do is stay true to the subject and hope for the best. 
  • Some will consider this really pedantic but personally, I would have kept the content about the gift to FIRAXIS, and the related image, for an update to the project.  I perceive that content as diluting the message and connection to the core demographic of supporters rather than building it up.

    Normally I would not bother to mention this, especially relative to how tight the project is, but as I think this is otherwise an expertly well orchestrated project, worthy of emulation, I feel obligated to note that as something I usually try to avoid.

    I am not saying there is no place for these types of stories.  Placed in the updates, this content provides interesting details to people who are "opting in" to see more. 


Honorable Mentions

Canal House Modular Art Gallery
by haperon

A well done Modular.

I do tend to gravitate more towards modulars with a bit more complexity and variation in the facade.  Regardless of how accurate it is, a brick building is a brick building...

One of the things I love about this project though is how it has this novel concept of two different timelines, a historic one and a modern day.  It is a nice touch that creatively helps the project stand out.

Gee Bee Z Super Sportster Airplane

I love Gee Bees for some reason.  

The Legend of Zorro

This project certainly has some presentation elements that I recognize and approve of: 

Clear title, Character, and Build in one image.

I will note that if you look at it too long, it kind of looks like a giant man and horse are about to trample on some tiny people ;)

The proposed build is well done with eye catching features and attention to detail like variations in the color of the shingles.  I like how the build opens up too for play areas.

Although I and many others enjoy Zorro, it will of course be hard to convince LEGO to execute such a profound build, but you really need to impress people for them to take notice. 

Apple Macintosh 128K
by Fbsarts

I would not have "Honorably Noted" this project if I had not seen the actual details that are hidden inside the build.  This project has a secret that you can only really grok by looking at the project.  Yes it has a clever "sticker" indicating "circuits inside" but that didn't really make sense to me.

Seriously though, check out the project directly.  It has some really excellent content.  This project is just waiting for some geeky blogs to find it.

Red Skull's Hydra Roadster
by ArtGONG

This could easily have been the project of the week.  The design speaks well to the subject AND to the scale.  It also executes the subject without overdoing it.  Of course, in the long run, it will be a hard sell to get a "bad guy" vehicle from a single movie produced.


Bubble Hockey

I love these dynamic projects but they never seem to do well on Ideas, much to my sorrow.  


Jurassic Park Explorer (with minifigs)
This is certainly a step I approve of, if you have a project with a lot of content, it never hurts to spin it off to smaller projects and see if you can strike the right cord with the target audience.
UCS Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler
Not sure if JP has the full draw to support super scaled vehicle models but they certainly look great
UCS Jurassic Park Explorer
See above
Old Machinery Factory
Not sure what I would be supporting with this one.  If I am going to get something with that kind of scale, that is generic, I want to see some inside content that is really appealing too.
Volkswagen Pick-up
A nice build
Release from Valimar
I was wondering when we would see some heavy Silmarillion content.  Not sure how well it will play with the masses though.  
English Telephone Box
This project does a good job trying to show ways the build might be used on your desk.  Pretty good idea. 
Town House
This is one of those projects where the best stuff is not demonstrated at all. There is a ton of detail inside this project but you have to click through to see any of it.
BIG HERO 6 - Baymax and Hiro's Lab
Not what I would call the best MOC or fig, but a good example of getting a project out before the release date.  

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