Monday, March 23, 2015

Ideas Deadline Bracket Round One

This is Round One of the LEGO Ideas Deadline Bracket.  This round is currently closed.

Round Two can be found here. 

What we have here is Round One of a bracket to see what FOLs think of some of the best projects that are set to retire from Ideas.

You see before you 64 of the some of the fastest growing, most supported, and most interesting projects. Each round will take the winners of the previous match and carry forward from 64, to 32, to 16, to 8, to 4, to 2, and then the final 1.

To help pair down the projects I eliminated any project that already has a license associated with LEGO so here are a few of my favorites that did not make that cut:

Note: There seems to be a bit of a glitch with the Survey system at the moment.  When you are done voting you may need to refresh the page to see you vote included in the new tally.

Matching: For round one, The projects have been paired based on their rate of support since being published.  So, of the 64, Daft Punk has the highest rate of support and Wallace and Gromit the lowest, Warsaw City Bus has the second highest support and Microfig Mechas the second lowest. This process was continued throughout. 

Daft Punk vs Wallace and Gromit's Moon Rocket

Warsaw City Bus vs Microfig Mechas

The Little Prince vs Starfighter "Blue Vengeance"

Golden Girls vs Minifig Furniture

Working Microscope vs Burj Al Arab

Metroid vs Trebuchet

Small YELLOW vs Laputa Robot (Castle in the Sky)

Beautiful Trees vs Dragon Slayers

Legend of Zelda: King of Red Lions Play Set vs Medieval Travelling Theatre

RMS Titanic vs Prototype Attack Mecha Alpha Zero

LEGO Settlers of Catan vs Pingu

Mega Man Project vs T-Rex Skeleton

The Spirit of Freedom vs ARAK-N3

Accessibility Set vs Narrow Gauge Steam Engine

Red Squirrel vs Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)

Lego Store vs Magic School Bus

LEGO Architecture - Leaning Tower of Pisa vs Hyperborea

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Return Home vs Scorpion s Soul Pirate Ship

The L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History vs Invader Zim House and Voot

Mirage vs the Rhinoceros by Theo Jansen

BONSAI vs RESEARCH LAB SUBMARINE (Modular with interiors)

The Drake's Head Inn vs The Twist and Whirl - A Motorized Carnival Ride

Modular Costume Store for Collectible Minifigures vs Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

Monty Python and the Holy Grail vs Galaxy Command

Train Turntable and Roundhouse vs Lotus 43 F1

The Adventures of Steamrod! vs The Ultimate Animal Collection

Starcraft 2 Siege Tank - Remote Control vs

Barnes & Noble and Starbucks Store vs Ford GT

Food Truck vs Medusa's Temple

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grandsport vs Working Roller Coaster!

Cathedral of Learning vs Vardo (Romani Wagon)

Log Cabin - Two Seasons! vs 20,000 Leagues under the Sea NAUTILUS

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