Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why do you go to Brick Conventions?

One of the interesting things about Brick Fiesta is that totally different people run it each year.

Every time a new Co-Chair steps up to take the reigns they have ideas for how they think Brick Fiesta should play out.  This comes down to personal preference, perceived flaws or notable absences in previous Fiestas, and the skills and resources of the Co-Chairs.

For example, I wanted to have a high profile AFOL at Brick Fiesta and I love crowd funding campaigns, steam punk, and munchkin so I asked Guy Himber to attend and he graciously accepted.

My Fellow Co-Chairs and I also moved the date.  Historically Brick Fiesta has always been on 4th of July weekend but we decided to try something different and moved it to the 23rd.  A few cheered and a few complained.

Now, anyone who attends Brick Fiesta has a say in what goes on in that they can create their own events and to some extent we give them the space and resources they need (it should come as no surprise that I have always volunteered to present on LEGO Ideas), but when it really comes down to it, we have three Co-Chairs debating on why FOLs go to cons and trying to make sure everyone is satisfied.

So in the quest to find out more about what FOLs want from a convention, I figured I would just ask you.  Thus this survey was born!

Please check every reason that you actively attend a Brick Convention.  Sure, it is always fun to talk with a LEGO representative, but if it would not impact your decision to attend, please don't check it.

As an added point of curiosity I have also added a question about how often, if ever you attend conventions.  

Do you go to Brick Conventions, and if so, how often

Why do you go to Brick Conventions

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