Friday, July 31, 2015

Purchased My Set!

I woke up on Monday exhausted.  I had spent the last week preparing for and executing Brick Fiesta.  I had talked non-stop to hundreds of wonderful and amazing people for hours on end and built long into the night when I was not making sure everyone was having a great time.  The night before I stayed up late for one last hurrah with the hard-core LEGO fans attending the Brick Fiesta "after party" and Monday morning I started the long process of moving everything (builds, equipment, random LEGO,etc...) from the DoubleTree Hotel back to my house.

I took a long nap and when I woke up, I realized that LEGO Big Bang Theory was AT my Local LEGO Store that very moment.

Yes, the soft release date for the set was the DAY AFTER the convention I ran.

Well, I had to see it for myself so I got in the car and drove up to the Austin LEGO Store.  The Austin LUG is very active so the staff recognizes us but I managed to slip in without being spotted.  There the set was right in the "Ideas" section.

It was so awesome to see this set that Ellen and I had helped to create on the store shelf!  I had of course built the set already.  LEGO sent me an early model and I had showcased it all weekend.  But to see it on this shelf and know that people were going to be getting their own copies of it was just so epic.

Seconds later the staff greeted me with much fanfare.  They were nice enough to take this photo of me.

Some of the staff are big fans of the show and thanked me personally.  I had experienced this a few times during Brick Fiesta but it is still a little shocking.  I feel in so many ways it is I who should be thanking them.  I posted the project but the public cast the votes that made it possible. The public showcased the interest in a BBT LEGO set that got it produced.  It is a deep honor to be thanked for my small role in this endeavor but it is a greater honor for me to see how happy and excited BBT fans are to get this set and be able to thank them in kind.

Now, I already built the set so I had to get some other sets to celebrate.  I went with the70738 Final Flight of the Destiny's Bounty which had this nice thematic ring to it because building a large sci-fi/fantasy airship was what got me out of my Dark Ages as well as a Mystery Machine.

Ellen would certainly be picking up a set herself but she is current DOING SCIENCE!  

EDIT:  I have gotten a few questions about the shirt I am wearing.  That is a new shirt that premiered at Brick Fiesta: Black on Very Dark Grey.  I really like it because it hits on a lot of fun things: Austin (we have a massive bat colony here), LEGO, and Batman.

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