Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cuusoo Analytics: Days to 10k

Approaching 1k Milestone

Themed Brick Box  and Legend of Zelda: King of Red Lions achieved 1000 supporters in the last week.  The Brick Box has been with us for a while so it predates a lot of the formalization of what Cuusoo is about.  I think the concept is pretty doomed as it more of a packaging strategy then a Cuusoo set.  As for the King of Red Lions, this is is one of the first Zelda projects, and probably my favorite, I got a thing for boats. 

Support Level: 993
Support Level: 978

Deadline Review

The next review is June 3rd, 2013.Less than a month away.  If League of Legends can get there act together then they could get in by the deadline but they have shown a very unusual quality of immense surges of support followed by long droughts. It is really screwing up my models. 

Days to 10K

ProjectCreatorRate10k 1k
League of Legends of LegoAddam113.02 12
FTL: Faster Than LightCrashSanders29.68 105
Poptropica: Dr. Hare's LairPopCreators33.81 108
The Adventure Time Projectjazlecraz38.97 178
Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored partsmaxvf19.2 338
Ghostbusters 30th AnniversaryBrentWaller18.17 380
Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle EncounterWesTalbott13.48 386
GhostbustersTeeKay9.63 554
Modular Apple Storegotoandbuild8.08 568
LEGO Bird SeriesDeTomaso7.23 587
Japanese old style architecturetaxon556.81 678
Female Minifigure SetAlatariel9.67 809
DC Comics: Minifigures SeriesMarvel-boy9.47 100150
Labyrinth Marble MazeTouthomme5.4 1097
Invisible HandLDiEgo5.4 1135
BTTF - UCS DeLorean Time Machinem.togami4.6 1164
Ultimate Collectors Series Lightsabersscott345675.82 1181
The Muppets!jedikermit5.87 1213
Amusement Park Ride - Twist and Whirl Ride - now MOTORIZED!DerekMedina7.23 129753
The Nether - Minecraftgueltron7.49 130098
Iron Man - Hall of Armourjaredchan7.21 134698
Minecraft VillageTheNerd6.81 138160
Batman: Killer Croc's LairBrickQueen4.88 1446
Ironman Arc ReactorMr.Attacki6.29 148655
The Discworld (or a sea turtle, some tiny elephants, and a ...GlenBricker5.78 1492
Iron Man Hall of ArmourRyan.M.Evans5.94 1643127
The Drake's Head InnAlexP5.4 1648
LEGO Architecture - Leaning Tower of Pisamoctown3.71 1748
Apollo 11 Lunar Missionsuzuki3.8 1751
Micro Scale Star Wars Scenestoomuchcaffe4.18 1764
Adventure Time! Tree Fortdunc2374.6 1869
Western Town - Pif Paf Citykris_kelvin4.34 1934
Legolympus (Mythology Theme with Mount Olympus Set)Kiffington4.27 1941
Douglas DC-3Ssorg3.85 1970
LEGO single lens reflex camerasuzuki4.41 1981
BTTF - Jules Verne Trainm.togami3.99 1999
Marvel Avengers Board GamePekko4.41 2024
UCS All Terrain Armoured TransportCavegod3.9 2090
Lord of the Rings Set: Minas TirithNujuMetru4.32 213652
Red SquirrelVuurzoon3.47 2200
Majestic Airship!Ssorg3.66 2247
The Glory of Romemminnitt3.1 2248
- MegaMan Project -Alatariel3.57 2322
LEGO Mobile Designer for Nintendo 3DS & other devicesFrankie3.1 2339
IRON MAN gantrymachinechoisanghun3.8 240738
Realistic treesPaultox3.05 2409
BONSAI "Pine tree"AMKK3.57 2508
Log Cabin - Two Seasons!Ssorg3.47 2571
Flying DutchmanSebeus3.1 2595
Legend of Zelda: King of Red Lionsflailx3.43 2623
Redemption - Nebulon-B escort frigateLDiEgo3.47 266975
LEGO PokemonKevinhink2.96 2717
Hardsuitsiron_S3.01 2754
The Bat Risesvelociraptor2.72 2866
PianoHidaka2.21 2868
The Adventures of Steamrod!Brickthing2.91 3037
Corellian Defender (Star Wars the Old Republic)GlenBricker2.72 3055
T-Rex Skeletonjazlecraz3.01 3107117
Pokemon: Gyaradosretinence2.54 3156
Batman: Man-Bat's LabBrickQueen2.49 3158
Minecraft Worldvonsigan3.05 3163212
LEGO Settlers of CatanMichael2.35 3168
Disney MinifiguresKeTi2.86 323184
Avengers IRONMAN gantrymachine2.0choisanghun2.82 325159
Lord of the Rings Set: Edoras/The Golden HallNujuMetru2.91 3263170
Transforming Retro Video Game Accessoriesvonbrunk2.58 3269
Medieval Market StreetAlexP2.58 3324
Modular Costume Store for Collectible MinifiguresBrentWaller2.49 3474
Mirage (realistically speaking)Nannan2.02 3525
Castle Crashersczar2.16 3555
Micro-build Hogwarts CastleBeKindRewind2.49 3599
Small YELLOWbrickartist2.07 3606
RMS TitanicSsorg2.39 3660
Modular Town Plan CinemaHinckley2.16 3680
The Amazing Spider Man Ultra Poseable Action Figuremmccooey2.44 370012
Minecraft Expansion Biomessamiam2.58 3759271
Wall-Elangemat2.57 3780278
Lego StoreRayC2.11 3960
Avengers: Iron Man Mark Vii Armormmccooey2.3 4027114
Roller CoasterLuc20002.11 4107
James Bond's Aston Martin DB5JJOttens2.31 4136240
Lego DC Heroes Minifigures Series 1ManiacDude2.21 4214142
LEGO Star Wars Micro Chess Setavisolo1.93 4320
MacrofiguresCrashSanders2.02 4408
Iron Man Hall of Armorrustyj2.16 4445279
Star Wars Season 4 Phase 2 Clone Battle PacksZspace2.14 4467262
LEGO Minecraft Board GameOrcaman41.97 4538
Medusa's TempleStrider1.93 4607
Phineas and FerbAwesomeEthan1.6 4695
Architecture : Space Shuttle crawler transporterTeazza1.69 5043
MINI Cooper Mark ISheepo1.74 5151
Barnes & Noble and Starbucks Storewooootles1.83 5261343
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GrandsportSheepo1.64 5264
UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyerjourianbax1.69 535529
Clone Wars Infantry PacksDAVID-HALL1.6 5435
Train Turntable and modular RoundhouseFachmann1.64 558799
Dragon Slayerslizardman1.6 5614
Ancient World Civilizationsmatija1.5 5662
Apple Store Vending Machinelgorlando1.64 5671183
Space Shuttle Launch ComplexTeazza1.6 5786161
BTTF - Biff Tannen's Fordm.togami1.55 590497
Themed Brick BoxOdd.Robot1.5 5990
Minifigure hand with attachment pointpotluck1.55 6036230
Minecraft Lego Desert MicroworldWinventions1.6 6074449
Stark TowerMMystery921.55 6139333
LEGO Avengers: The Video GameAwesomeEthan1.57 6155423
Corner Candy Modular Buildingwaltzking1.46 618520
Willys JEEPsuzuki1.36 6328
BTTF - Hill Valley Courthousem.togami1.46 6355190
Startrek Ncc-1701 Starship EnterpriseC3Brix1.5 6449449
Lego Wall-E!!suzuki1.36 6464
Galaxy Commandreekardoo1.41 6579196
LOTR UCS ArgonathShayd_DeGrai1.41 6645262
Camper Van Forevernuno25001.36 668567
Lego Movie Chronicle Seriessuzuki1.31 6752
Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)SpacySmoke1.36 6905287
Vampire GT SupercarCrowkillers1.03 7013
Goblin Fortress RuinsAlexP1.31 7049179
Motorized Tumblermahj1.22 7160
LOTR: Fall of the Witch KingShayd_DeGrai1.31 7221351
Mini CooperSteven19801.13 7660
Minecraft, Snow biomeDookie1.22 7699322
Lego Mountain Bikingj4mes0.99 7712
Modular Police Stationezzkazz1.22 7728351
Disney Parks - Castles Collectionlg20121.22 7753376
Galaxy Diner and Empire Theatersonicstar1.08 7825
Project: MetroidZurtech1.17 7906213
Apple Store ( Stage)jamessims1.22 7941564
Poptropica: Early Poptropica Islandpaul941.22 7991614
Medieval Travelling TheatreBobsy1.17 8030337
Lovely Sailboat!Ssorg1.17 8062370
Portal Test Chambert-brick1.08 8135
Cinematic Minifigure Seriessgtdisney551.08 8443110
The C.C.S. Gryphon - Galaxy Commandreekardoo1.13 8479515
Mini BatmobileTiler1.08 8491158
General Grievous' Wheel BikeTBBCustoms1.08 8508175
Minecraft Micro World: The Endpaul941.13 8650685
Prototype Attack Mecha Alpha Zerodanr0.99 8692
Star Wars - Star Tours Starspeeder 3000HJR-Holland1.08 8722388
Porsche 997 GT3Crowkillers1.03 881981
The Wizard's HouseAlexP1.08 8824490
Legend of Zelda: Master Sword & PedestalFlanBrosInc1.08 8863529
Florian Albert Stadiumlaszlogabii0.99 8875
Model of Hogwarts CastleScorpius1.03 9102365
Flooded Temple RuinsHinckley1.03 9123385
Legend of Korra: Mecha Tank, Korra, Amon, Hiroshi, & Support...GlenBricker1.03 9134397
T. Rex encounter from Jurassic Parkpmiaki1.03 9205467
Star Wars Opee Sea KillerPepaQuin0.94 9323
New Short Minifigure PartsTakanuinuva0.99 9476385
Italian Style Renaissance Modular Buldingsmautara0.99 9581490
Tiny TrucksRobiwan0.94 9676102
Microfig MechasCrashSanders0.99 9845754

Not on the List? First, I tend to cut off projects after a certain day count, usually 10k. Additionally, I only monitor projects that have at least 200. Projects less than that are a little too volatile for proper assessment. Finally, I track several weeks worth of data to get these numbers, so you might not show up until your project has been post 200 for a few weeks.

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