Monday, July 15, 2013

New Feature: Suggested Projects

So, I have not been blogging for a while due to a variety of reasons.  There is a pretty significant one as far as Cuusoo is concerned. 

I have been implementing a system for extrapolating patterns of support from project to project.  This is still in Beta, and pretty ugly but I have had a lot of fun working on it.  I will develop an interface for it later so you are not limited to these examples but here are a few to try out right now.

What this really does is show what other projects people supporting the given project are supporting and it sorts the return based on how frequent that support is occurring.

So, you can see that of the 9600 accounts there were created specifically to support Purdue Pete, plus the 400 other accounts that already existed before voting for Pete, only 49 of those accounts voted to immortalize the Purdue alumnus Niel Armstrong in Lego with the Apollo 11 Cuusoo project.  
Will have more on this later but I wanted to share what I have so far (however ugly the interface).


  1. It would be interesting to correlate the information you mine from this survey of support patterns with the use of tags. That might reveal how effective certain tags are at generating interest.

  2. Very cool, Glen! I appreciate all your work coming up with new and interesting ways to tabulate Cuusoo data.

    I'm glad you're back. I've missed seeing your posts on Brickset.