Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Crowd


Well, I have been off for a few weeks, geeze crazy times.  Lots of things to do.  Brick Fiesta on one end and Austin Board Game Bash on the other.  Now I gotta build some Mobile Frame Zero mecha so we can try out...well Mobile Frame Zero, but it is good to be back.

I am going to start slow but do a quick review of some stuff that came up when I was dropping some content.

Correlation of Project Support Data i.e "Future Suggestion Feature"

There is a brief into  about it here.  Warning, these pages are UGLY looking.  I am working on the technical end right now and will save the facelift for when I have time (ha time!).  Basically it takes all the supporter data and figures out what people are supporting based on specific projects.  I need to build an interface still but the idea is that it correlates Cuusoo user support data to find support trends.  Not surprisingly, for example, the people who support one Polish bus, tends to support more than one Polish bus, and the guys that support Iron Man Halls of Armor, support, comic themed content, especially Iron Man, and supporters of generally amazingly high end Cuusoo projects tend to support generally amazing high end Cuusoo projects.

I will be cleaning this up, adding an interface, and developing personalized suggestion code over time

"Inevitable Discovery" and the start of Chapter 7!

I went on a rant the other day in a blurb about types of projects.  For a long time now I have been planning on typing this up and cataloging them and then I anciently went and started it.  So now I feel the need to give it a page.  I will add to this when I again, "have time" but for now it is starting what for lack of a better term is "Inevitable Discovery" (which is a term derived from the legal term Inevitable Discovery which was brought up by Eurobricks user ShaydDeGrai which discussing my post there.  Great annalogy, I like the term, kinda don't, trying it out.

Regardless, that has got me finally started on Cuusoo Users Guide Part 7: Creating "Successful" Projects.  I will try to add more to it over time.   

Cuusoo Intersecting with Kickstarter

BrentWaller., the creator of the Batman Tumbler that got to 10,000 and has a spectacular Ghostbusters project heading the same direction has his hands full of Crowd themed projects it turns out.

Today he posted "...myself and 4 other colleagues currently have a Kickstarter going for a video game "spiritual successor" to the Syndicate series of games from the early to mid 90s called "Satellite Reign" check it out here if you're interested"

I had been admiring this project for a while but it is in its last hours.  It is not only the spiritual successor but also has some of the same people that developed the Syndicate series.  That game was groundbreaking then and this game looks groundbreaking now.

Pick of the Week (or whatever, its been a while)

The Road to Oz
by Jeremiahkc

Oz is on a bit of a kick lately and is especially buoyed by its pending 75th Movie anniversary coming up.  I love this project for its playability and displayability.  It has done a great job capturing key moments in the film without overburdening itself with trying to capture every moment, as the name indicates this is the "Road to Oz".

The modular nature of the three elements allows the Oz fan to re-enact independent scenes for the journey but when it comes to putting it on the shelf you can choose very linear build or a shorter one with a lot of curiosity inducing depth. 

Each figures is well orchestrated, there is of course an issue with molds.  I am becoming more an more lenient on my view about these things.  There are certainly presentations where the mold makes the build (Portals comes to mind) but in this case, I see some creative printing could address the need for molds.  For the tin man, just use the Sad Clown hat and print a hand hold on the side.  Similarly with the Cowardly lion.  A smaller dog is required though, and perhaps a basket like the Red Riding Hood one. 

The techniques used in the build are stylish enough to give it character but not too complex for young fans.  I really like the method used for the road as well, though the part count is a bit high, there really is no way around it when using tiles for brick patterns.  It is clear that the part count is higher than any Cuusoo product to date, but matched with obvious interest from Warner Brothers ( and launch of Wizard of Oz in 2014, this might be just the media blitz required to get a larger set produced. 

Honorable Mentions

Super Heroes Racers
by Okay

Ok, So I was just talking about "Inevitable Discovery."  This is a great example of using the Lego minifigs in an existing IP creativly, and man does it look fun.  Okay has done a phenomenal job matching a huge variety of characters with cars that match their characters, themes, colors and history.  Very well done!

Burj Al Arab
by Srezkall

Just so very lovely!  Although, to me, the Burh Al Arab is one of those building I expect to be on Lego's list, so if Srezkall is serious about getting to to production through Cuusoo, they better get down to business on collecting those votes. 

Invert Jumper Plate
by Monkeypilot

I was just complaining that they don't have one of these!  Please vote for it.


New Horizons spacecraft - Pluto-Kuiper Belt mission
by Plutofan
Nowhere near as sexy as Curiosity but I do expect this project to pick up some steam in 2015 when the end goal of the mission is in sight.
Poseable Lego minifigures Batman
by 1upbrick
I simply don't understand the projects that try to "fix" the minifigure.  The only thing I could want that a minifigure can't do is bend the legs.  In my opinion the figure is perfect the way it is though. 
by Reekardoo
Well done Mecha, I really like the winged samari motif.
Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine
by Zachattack77
Absolutely lovely.  But either BttF is going to go gangbusters and Lego will make this independently or it will flop and Lego won't want anything more to do with the license.  Vote for it anyway though, it is a work of art.
The Minimal Series
by Isreal.lemus
This build set is all over the board and quite clever but I doubt it will ever get the votes it needs to reach production.  This is more of a Lego primary fan project and that just is not where the votes come from....also. this is the epitome of projects that most people can accomplish satisfactorily without buying a dedicated set, excepting of course all the flesh colored elements.

Pirate Ship: Going Merry
by Brook1994
Very nice build of the Going Merry!  Surprised this does not have more votes, figured the One Piece fan base was more active. 
Gilligan's Island
by Thekeaneboys
Technically I don't this project has a shot, but I like it.  It sounds fun, but that is a lot of nostalgia talking. 

Chibi Lego builds.
by Darthky

Darthky is very prolific isn't he?  Creative concept and not in Lego's ordinary vein.  I am not sure if these could get produced as they are slightly contradictory to the Lego's Bionicle type builds but personally I like them a lot.  

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