Thursday, October 24, 2013

A bit more data on the Last Cuusoo Review

This Q&A was recently published elaborating somewhat on the reviews and rejections.

Basically they did confirm that they want reviews to go quicker, hence the sweeping up of all the backlogged reviews.  They have also stated an interest target for the completion of the Fall 2013 review in early 2014.

The other tid-bit is that they have reiterated that each review is independent and should not be seen as a bellwether for other reviews.  In this they specifically mention Zelda indicating: If another Legend of Zelda set qualifies for review, we will happily consider producing a LEGO set based on that project.

So in short, Cuusoo is taking steps to speed up the results and boilerplate rejection is now the norm.


  1. While they do not want to share with everybody the reasons for a project rejection, I hope they will share them with the creator... after all the time the put into it, it seems to me they at least deserve that.

  2. So Lego no longer shares any specific information on why certain things were rejected, apparently not even to the creators of the projects. After more than a year, they can't write half a paragraph on why it failed? I really feel b ad for the creators. They wait a year to get their project to 10,000, wait another year, ridiculously long amount of time, for the results of the review which are only supposed to take three months ony to find out for some reason which could be utterly capricious because we don't know the details, they failed.