Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exo Suit is the set selected from Winter 2012, Spring 2013, and Summer 2013

The Land Rover Defender is apparently still under review though. 

This answers a long of complaints people have had with Cuusoo.   They are gaining speed on the review process and catching up...all the way up.  On top of that, they picked a project that is from the community of FOLs rather than a IP Cash Cow.

One other point that is perhaps less evident is that the rejection letters for the other projects are now boilerplate, all identical.

Although I would love to know why each project was rejected, I think it is a smart move on Lego's part.  All giving the public answers would do would be to establish belief systems which might not apply to the future.

If they say no to Zelda today, they might not say no to Zelda tomorrow.   It is my understanding Lego turned down LotR initially but 10 years of cultural integration changes people's views on such subjects. 

So yes, disappointed I don't get to see behind the curtain more but accepting that it is a smart choice for Lego and Cuusoo as far as creativity and openness of idea.

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