Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cuusoo announces changes to Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service

Cuusoo just posted an update to their Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service.
There is a lot to go through, and I will post with more details later,  but for FOLs who have often complained about the type of projects allowed on Cuusoo the highlights are these:
  • Brick Based Set Projects ONLY -  Translation: No more parts, programs, apparel, tape measures, etc
  • One Project = One Set - Translation: no more "this is a new series of Lego sets" projects
  • No Minifigure Series or "Battle Packs" - Translation: No MORE requests for Star Wars and Super Hero figs without sets!
  • No Company Logos or Team Mascots - Translation: No more Purdue Petes or Android Bugs
  • Only Use Authentic LEGO Parts - Translation: No more custom minifig elements (This could be very bad news for the Muppet project.)
Looks like Cuusoo is putting into practice some hard lessons it has learned.  We will have to wait and see what happens to current projects that are in violation of these new restrictions.  My guess is that Cuusoo will allow "series projects" to taper down but all the other concepts are too specific to be salvaged.  These other projects may not get archived any time soon, but it is now clear, they will not make it to production.

Top Fifty Analysis

Looking at the top 50 projects based on support we can see the impact of these rules:
  • 12 projects are sets that demonstrate the use of custom elements
  • 8-10 projects indicate a series of builds
  • 1 project is for a "non-brick set" (LDD on the DS)
  • 0 new part proposals
  • 0 minifigure only projects
  • 0 Logos

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