Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Cuusoo


Been a while, three weeks in fact.  Holidays and big projects getting in the way, especially the Assault on Wayne Manor project.

DarthKy and I have been very happy with the response to this themed modular project.  It currently has more support per day than any other project on Cuusoo and has reached the top 1.5% of all projects in the three weeks that it has been published.

Pick of the Week

Future Cities - FI-02 Police Furtive Interceptor S

Talebuilder has been posting sci-fi vehicles to Cuusoo for over a year now.  He stands out by using very unique shapes for his designs and I think this latest offering  "FI-02 Police Furtive Interceptor S" is my favorite of his works to date.

I love the snotting of the quarter saucer elements and the half pikes.  The side shields around the trans-blue dome.

The ship has a great combination of bulk and sleekness.  Great work and deserving a lot more support than it has achieved to date.  In my experience, sci-fi has a distinct disadvantage getting votes on Cuusoo.  My theory on this is everybody has their own opinion on what "sci-fi" should look like.

Honorable Mentions

Modular Apple Store Regent Street London

Personally I am not over the moon on all the Apple Stores on Cuusoo but I can appreciate that they appeal to their own crowd.  That being said, this one has engaging architectural elements

Chastiser the Police Car
by Ssorg

Ssorg is one of Cuusoo's most respected project creators (even though they have, quite saddly not gotten to 10k yet).  This police car is a divergence from his usual style of minifig scale vehicles but does not lack any of the quality.

by GRusso

This is a real fun design.  It is very nostalgic, for me at least.  It feels like a combination of neo-classic space, fanciful NASA, and a touch of realism.

I really like the sideways dome for the cockpit, never thought of that before. 

Lego City-Scaled Cargo Truck

I just like this one.  It looks like a solid build 


Iron Man Igor armor Mark 38
Igor is turning into the Tumbler of the Marvel Universe, this being the eighth one published.

I like this design independent of  Igor but it is just way out of scale for Igor
Winter Village Train Depot
One of the better Winter Village builds but I have a hard time believing any of these are going to get built.

Winter Village is such a specific line: Dark Colors with some snow and festive decoration.  Best of luck though, its an amazing build.   

The Adventures of Tintin - Seaplane
by Hogh
Tintin is one of the most used / least supported subjects on Cuusoo.  12 projects and none have passed 200 support.

This one does have a fantastic plane though.  I Love the use of axe blades for fins.  A Tintin won't get produced without a snowy though. 
Mini Mechs
A very nice Mecha template
mecha troopers project
by ms1300p
A very fun, real brick design.  

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