Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weekly Cuusoo

Pick of the Week

miniature 6285 Black Sea Baraccuda
by bangoo

I love Pirates.  I love homages.  I love well orchestrated builds that showcase a smaller building scale. I love Lego sets that can double as desk art.   What is not to Love about this? Well, your opinions on Lego might vary from mine...but dude!  This is awesome.

Honorable Mentions

American Diner
by Nathan

This was very nearly my pick of the week, it certainly deserves it.  But, The miniature 6285 Black Sea Baraccuda just hit me up on too many of my personal Lego draws.

This looks pretty freaking fantastic on the outside, but where this diner truly excels (and distinguishes itself from the other diners on Cuusoo) is the internals.  Check it out:

The jukebox alone is a work of art: If I am not mistaken that is a space console in the jukebox.  The chrome and rainbow 1x1 round arrangement is phenomenal.   

Beyond ht you have the checker pattern floors and counter and full array of kitchen elements would would find in any true diner.  Even a vent hood!

I love the chairs but they do have a slight problem of being un-sittable to minifigs. 

Old West Gold Mine
by Nathan

Mines are pretty common in Lego but I always love seeing them.  There was the Lone Ranger mine, the City Mine,  and the Dwarf mine...interestingly enough I don't think there has been a mine in the actual mining theme. This one is a great representation of something a little more realistic.  I really like the use of the mops to hold up the run.

This project relies quite heavily on, hm, not sure what to call the method of construction were clip elements are holding onto other Lego elements at illegal angles.  I never really care for that type of build, but it is used to excellent effect in this presentation.

I do wonder if the publication of this project is a re-opening of Western Lego sets.  I am not sure if Cuusoo actually stopped allowing the publication of western themed projects but for a time they were being archived as if the "license" was locked down.  Obviously this was a special case based on Lone Ranger. 


Lumber Yard
by Nathan
Very attractive build with top notch craftsmanship.  I see a difficult trip to 10k though as it will likely be difficult to get a target audience.
Griswolds s Station Wagon
Ha!  Great work.  Don't know how far you can really get with a dead grandmother on the roof of your Lego set though.  That certainly won't stop Griswold fans from supporting it if you can get it in front of them. 
Compact Cassette (with deluxe spool winder)
Very accurate...but HUGE!  That pencil is a 2x2 round!  
WildCat four-legged real robot
Another very accurate build. 
by bangoo
Looks like someone else is trying to gets some birds onto Cuusoo.  Could be a lot of fun with some minifigs.
miniature Emelard Express - miniature train projec
by bangoo
Tiny trains are becoming more and more popular on Cuusoo.  
I really liked this project (and the following one) when they were all together.  Accelerando has taken the new "no series" rules to heart and has broken up their mini-mecha project into four projects.
See above.

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