Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly Cuusoo

Clarifying Cuusoo's New Logo Rules

I have been seeing a lot of confusion in Cuusoo's comments based on the new Guidelines barring Logo projects from Cuusoo.  What is worse is that people are spreading very inaccurate interpretations of the ban, so please allow me to clarify.

The bar against Logo/Mascot projects is very simply stated:

"No submissions with only company or team logos or mascots. Ideas containing a logo or mascot must be in the context of a meaningful LEGO model."

Now, it is open for interpretation what a "meaningful LEGO model" technically is but if it has more than 100 support, and is still on Cuusoo, it is probably a "meaningful LEGO model." 

An example of this is the Number one project on Cuusoo right now: The Modular Apple Store.
Yes it has a giant Apple Logo on it, but it is certainly a high enough support level to be on Cuusoo's radar and Lego did not delete it on "M-day".   The logo is obviously an aspect of the set, not THE set.

A project that DID get deleted however was a build just depicting a giant "MARVEL" logo made with white and red bricks. 

In summary: Using a (non-Lego) Logo/Mascot is 100% ok,  but BEING a Logo/Mascot  is not.


 Wayne Manor Reaches the Top 10!

It has been a very busy week for Assault on Wayne Manor: Finalizing, and displaying the final character proposals (Ra, Red Hood, and Firefly), A surge of over 1000 support, and now entering the top 10 most supported projects on Cuusoo! 

Though I am very happy with the new character designs they are not responsible for the surge.  To that I can only say that Mark Waid's   (Yes THAT Mark Waid's) tweet and the project's subsequent pick up by The Comics Alliance were the source of the crowds.

Pick of the Week

Da Vinci Flying Machine

Cuusoo has these tiny little thumbnail images that give you a tiny little look at what a project might contain.  Much like books and covers, these thumbnails are often quite deceptive.  And that is certainly the case with this build.

When I saw the tag line "Da Vinci Flying Machine" I immediately though (from the thumbnail) a build this big for the flyer should really be much more accurate to the famous artwork.

Upon clicking through through I was quite pleasantly surprised, morose in fact, this is quite frankly one of my favorite Lego builds of all time and moments before I was expecting some hum drum project.

First off, do yourself a favor and watch this video.  This embodies what they mean by "poetry in motion."


Simply put, brilliant.  The motion is so effortless, smooth, and dynamic, with a multitude of dimensionality.

Even discounting the motion, the build itself is much more refined than the thumbnail give credit for.  The build of the person for instant is top notch and reminds me ever so slightly of Wallace (of Wallace and Grommet. I especially like how the goggles were implemented.

Even more fun, this project happens to be one of my favorite Cuusoo project creators.  This is only "Touthomme's" second entry, but their first is the Labyrinth Marble Maze which is currently Cuusoo's forth most supported project!

Honorable Mentions

Bricksauria | Stegosaurus

Last August, Senteosan uploaded an amazing Jurassic Park project to Cuusoo.  Since then, Jurassic Park was barred from Cuusoo (due to a licensing conflict) but Senteosan relaunched his T-rex as  a "generic" dinosaur project.

This Stegosaurus is a fine addition to the series of dinosaurs.

I know people are a bit on the fence on the head, especially with how dramatic the T-rex is, but I think it is a case of the best brick for the scale.  

This has caught on big time in Lego subReddit right now with 1200+ likes.

Wind-up Crab
by Lipko

This is another build where the video show a deeper story so, here you go:

If you like the dragon fly, make sure to support it here.   I have it on good authority that the catepillar/inch worm will be making an appearance on Cuusoo soon.  


ATLAS particle detector (medium size)
Well, this is certainly much more built out than the ATLAS that got to 10,000.

As far as Lego is concerned I imagine the original's rocket to 10k is a much bigger factor on their production decision than the quality of the design.    

Stained Glass Window Kit
Some really gorgeous effects but I am pretty sure the fundamental nature of this project is not in line with "legal" Lego construction given that it is all just being held together with friction rather than studs.

Who knows though, if this gets to 10k, maybe Lego will change their minds.  Part of Cuusoo is about asking Lego to consider new ideas.
OMG: TD! - tower defense with greek myth
by gilakai
Not familiar with the game bit it sounds fun.  
Griffin - Legendary Creature
by Chak
Personally very torn by this one.  I love the results, and support the project, but If I am honest with myself all Chak really did here was combine 70124: Eagle Legend Beast with 70123: Lion Legend Beast.
Batmobile - Batman The Animated series
As a lover of the Animated series I was quite happy when I saw this
Black Knight s Dragon
Lizardman has a wide collection of Dragons on Cuusoo.  It has been interesting to watch how they change up the elements for each new one.   Glad to see more snotting is getting used.

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