Friday, August 7, 2015

Breaking the First Wall: Explosive Effects

Every now and then you see one of these shockingly visual builds that seem to capture a instant in transition, like an explosion or a launch.  From time to time you will also encounter really great looking "shattered" effects created to go with it.  This creates amazing, dynamic energy and gives a sureal "Bullet Time" effect when executed well.  

Paddy Bricksplitter has done a beautiful job showcasing this effects for their piece "Suddenly..."

Bricksplitter adds some extra punch ;) to this effects with clever poses for the minifigs.  Superman really looks like he was thrown through this the middle of the flying debris.  The "upswirling" cape is an extremely clever accent to complete the effect.

To top it all off, the appartment, prior to being wrecked,  already displayed an enviable level of building skill and in post production, adding the comic book effects adds a great touch.

Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a. Xenomurphy, another very talented AFOL, has an excellent piece which also demonstrates this "explosion with shatter" effect with their Spider-man vs. Vulture build.

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