Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life Size Wasp, Deflecting Wonder Woman, and Deadpool being Deadpool: Brick Built Supers!
Found this Awesome "life size" build of Wasp byTim Lydy.

The use of the flying ant wings from the Antman set is not only brilliant but totally appropriate!

The use of bananas and minifig arms for the "yellow stripes on black, while keeping a very organic curvature is inspired.

Tim has another notable brick built super hero, Wonder Woman, depicted in their piece: Pi-ting! Pit-ing! Pi-tayyng! Wooon-Daaa Wooo-Mannn!!!

Wonder Woman is able to block and reflect attacks with her bracelets which is quite awesomely depicted with trans red antenna elements.
And this article could not be complete without adding this little gem.  Deadpool being the best at what he does...being Deadpool in the piece: Hello Ladies...

Love the use of a tooth/claw for a winking eye.  The use of a LEGO minifig Deadpool head for the iconic Deadpool belt buckle is very on the nose!

This is an excellent recreation of the photo the Ryan Reynolds (the actor to play Deadpool) tweeted out.

Which in and of itself is a reference to a"classic" Burt Reynolds photo...How much more Meta can you get...a LEGO reference to a photo which is a reference to an other photo and then throwing Deadpool into the whole thing...

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