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Review Deadline in One Month

The current review ends March 4th.  Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google and - The Legend of Zelda Project - are both on track to join the Exo Suit and graduate this month.  In fact, today, the Bugdroid has (will technically) hit entered the last 500 on its journey to 10k.  The only other project even close is the Jeep Defender but it still has nearly an extra month to go past this review.

Spider-Man Really IS Poseable

Though not technically a project update, I felt the need to share this new pic from Mmccoey's Spider-Man project.  Mmccoey's series of poseable figure builds are always impressive but I was surprises that they would allow for this classic Spidey pose.

Amazing! Spectacular! Ultimate?

A Little Something for Valentines Day

A few years back Lego came out with a "Valentine Card" build.  I needed a similar minifig case last year so I took their design and extended it out a bit.  It is real simple but still very cute.  I have posted a video of the instructions in case you need something similar.

Three Lego Geek Cred to anyone who knows what Lego product is the green background for the shot. 

Review of Pirate Plank

My second Lego game review is now published,  Pirate Plank.  Hope you enjoy.

Pick of the Week

After several weeks of my favorite projects being in synch with the popular vote, it is nice to once again be choosing some of the less supported projects to highlight.  

UCS Double-Ended Ferry (loaded with vehicles and features!)
by Mmbace

Support Level: 22

It has been about five years since Lego has released a ferry.  It makes sense because a ferry by definition has to be large enough to hold other vehicles which of course would make it rather expensive.  One top of that, this project's vision is even more extreme with its detail and full cargo of automobiles.  But the idea is fantastic, and this execution deserves way more attention than it is getting with the mere 22 votes!

Honorable Mention

Fez Game Village
by 3rdfoundatio

Support Level: 42

I am not familiar with the source material but I am always a sucker for floating island type designs and this truly built design is quite impressive.  3rdfoundatio has done a very impressive job executing the task of balancing such a complex structure while staying true to the source material. 

I do think they could get more accuracy however by applying snot techniques to the buildings and adding more browns to the "soil" bases.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Heinz Field
by Burikjason

Support Level: 36

This is one of the best stadiums I have seen on Cuusoo in regards to balancing accuracy and viable scale.  I imagine that American Football and Baseball stadiums will not sell well outside of the States so large ones would be hard to market.

The frame around the baseplate in a nice touch I might use in some of my own builds. 


Star Wars: Imperial Assault Gunboat (aka Star Wing)
by Krispijn

Support Level: 46

This is a fun looking ship and the basic design is accurate to the source materials.  I really like the use of the wedges on the wings to give the slanted Black/Red effect.  This build is just too bland though.  It has the basic features, but not the little details which make a MOC really pop.   The bottom is totally unattended to which is especially a shame because the wings fold up.  The wings are shown in the noted source art, as having red squares which would have been nice to see.

Also, the long unbroken surfaces are just...boring.  The nose, "pontoons," slopes on the sides, and giant wing all need a bit more variation. 

Star Wars - X-83 TwinTail Starfighterby Sleeper

Support Level: 26

This looks like an intriguing design, reminiscent of some of the more unusual WWII era aircraft mixed with the beloved X-wing.  It does look hard to swoosh though.

50’s American living room
by Namir

Support Level: 24

A rather unique scale and very charming. 

Brick Trails
by Ntatar

Support Level: 24

An interesting set of parts.  Not sure that I would use them but I applaud anyone who goes though the effort of actually having the parts fabricated. 

by Cosmocaos

Support Level: 11

I like the concept but this needs a larger scale to respect the subject matter.

Week of Cuusoo

TIE Bomber
by Cornwaille

Support Level: 63

This build is very good and I hope them all the best but it is an uphill battle.  The design here takes cues from Lego's most recent Tie Fighter release and applies them to the other Ties of the Star Wars universe.  This is a very popular theme on Cuusoo among project creators but Ties are also a very popular build for Lego.  Since these are not providing any new content or features, in fact following Lego's current trends, I doubt that they will get to 10,000 before Lego puts a similar product to market.  This is especially true given that no Cuusoo project based on traditional core universe Star Wars designs has ever gotten over 100 support.  

This Tie bomber however does, in my opinion, exceed its compatriots in that the central body is unique.   

Iron Man Hall of Armor
by Rustyj

Support Level: 55

As a long time fan of Iron Man, I have always loved it when the show his collection of Armor.  This project however is one of the projects, common to Cuusoo that effectively tries to get a "free Lunch" from Cuusoo trying to ask for just the figure.  This is the only picture on the project by the way.

Many people do not realize that minifigs are the most expensive parts Lego produces.  Add in licensing and these sets would have the high price without cutting it down by adding a lot of brick.

For this audience, here is an article I wrote, linked to by Cuusoo, showing the realistic brick count to figure ratio, which I put together by analyzing actual sets.  Bottom line, Cuusoo sets will not undercut Lego's standard pricing for sets or figs.     

Club Penguin: Town Center and Dock
by Lloydzx

Support Level: 52

Technically you do not need a Lego model to have a project.  Just a description of a product, and this is certainly one of those projects.  The first three paragraphs are a description of "Club Penguin."  It is apparently a Disney supported version of Poptropica.  Whereas Poptropica has a well presented, fully built model with custom minifigs that can appeal to Lego fans and Poptropica fans alike, this is a description of the game, some drawings (I assume from the game), and some basic LDD images. 

If you are a fan of Club Penguin, and want to see it get a Lego set, go ahead and support the project.  If you are fan of Cuusoo and Lego in general, then there really isn't much to see here.  

Fez Game Village
Support Level: 42

Saphir fighters bundle 1
Support Level: 34
Support Level: 28

Train Shed
Support Level: 28

50’s American living room
Support Level: 24
Brick Trails
Support Level: 24

Superman's Office
Support Level: 23
Batman: Bank Heist Battle
Support Level: 16

Dragon Drone D-77
Support Level: 15
Scooby-Doo: Scooby gang's van
Support Level: 13
Support Level: 11

Thresher 2.0
Support Level: 9
Mix Master Mini Figure
Support Level: 9

4th of July Parade
Support Level: 3
Spider Mk2
Support Level: 3

SWTOR Khem Val
Support Level: 3

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