Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Cuusoo


Convergence creates one of Cuusoo's most supported weeks on record

Last week, was a Cuusoo first, two projects Bugdroid and Legend of Zelda,  reached the review state of 10,000 supporters only days apart.  On top of that was an old school video game trifecta of  Metroid, Megaman, and a Third Zelda project achieving great cross-support.  Modern games also mad strides with Poptropica continuing to bring in hundreds of support and Fez got rolling dominating the charts with over 700 support in a single week.  Then, totally out of nowhere, Team Jigsaw publishes SteamRod.  I won't waste time linking to these projects individually when I can just give you the link to the leader board.

Cuusoo having database issues again   

This weekend Cuusoo appears to be having some issues with their search and reporting database again.   The discovery page data is lagging behind the true support levels considerably.  This results in the unusual low number of supports displayed in our sidebar of "daily support."

New Collaborative Project

CrashSanders and I are working together to bring FTL to Lego.  I hope you will take a moment to review the project and see if it suits your fancy.

Pick of the Week

The Adventures of Steamrod!
by Brickthing

Support Level: 557

Steamrod is of course my pick of the week.  Could there be any doubt?

The first and second points are Lego Steampunk and Lego Steampunk.  It is a theme of expanding popularity and one that Lego has not yet pursued.

The project has great vehicles, great figures, and outstanding presentation.  Sure, it is a very large set, but the elements work together well (which is more than most large projects can say), and if any team and theme could get Lego to consider a plus sized Cuusoo set, it would be this

Honorable Mention

Project: Metroid
by Zurtech

Support Level: 455

Note: This project has been updated since this posting.  The content no longer matches the description here.

I am only lightly familiar with the deeper content of metroid.  Not from lack of experience with the game, but from lack of being any good at it.  Even so, these are all recognizable to me as very well crafted elements of the game.  I applaud that ZurTech does not shy away from using actual art to represent the minifig.  The Mother Brian or  "brain in a jar" is particularly impressive, even if you don't know anything about metroid.  It would make a very fun desk piece.

Samus will of course not come with with a custom shoulder pad/neck piece following Legos clarification on no new parts for Cuusoo sets.

Geonosian Arena Beasts: ACKLAY, NEXU & REEK
by Sepsymp

Support Level: 44

At this point I am pretty positive that if Sepsymp posts something, I will repost it here.  His work constantly embraces and reflects the small nuances of Lego craftsmanship that make it come to life.  

Piranha Gunship
by Tgbdz

Support Level: 28

I am a big fan of Tgbdz's work.  The designs are excellent and have a great flow to them, especially for Lego.  It is my understanding that the Warhammer is twice damned for Cuusoo for its brand-fit and Games Workshop's lack of interest in liscening out its properties.  Does not change the fact it looks great though. 

Week of Cuusoo

The Adventures of Steamrod!
by Brickthing

Support Level: 557

See comments above

Project: Metroid
by Zurtech

Support Level: 455

See comments above.

The Pearl Hotel
by Mhpictureco

Support Level: 58

All modulars are impressive but I just can't get myself behind this one as a product concept.  It seems a bit all over the place in its external aesthetic. 

Articulated Minifigure
Support Level: 52
Little Red Riding Hood
Support Level: 40

Piranha Gunship
Support Level: 28

Street Zombies
Support Level: 17
Yankee Stadium
Support Level: 13

Central Station
Support Level: 12

rock monster
Support Level: 5
Modular House Kitchen
Support Level: 3
Lego Draughts
Support Level: 2

Jurassic Park Jeep
Support Level: 1
Space Chase
Support Level: 1


  1. The Piranha is a Tau skimmer from GW's Warhammer 40k.

  2. Thanks David...I will update my post.

    I had asked tgbdz if It as his creation or Warhammers. His response made me think that this was his own creation but that he was inspired by Warhammer vehicle called the "Tau." I should have looked it up by name. It is a great model of the Warhammer Piranha but I do not see what elements he could claim to be "his IP."

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

    "Very nice! Is this your own IP or is it from Warhammer like your other fine work?"