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Some Interesting Ideas


Wow, well, I am back again.  I have been quite busy but I am finally getting my feet back under me.  Among the many things I have been working on has been updating my codes on this site to be compatible with the changes that have taken place in the Cuusoo to Ideas transition.  I do believe they are about 75% complete.

In some ways the codes are better, in others not quite as accurate, but hey, that's life.  If you see something "weird" going on on one of my pages, please send me note and I will see about stamping it out.

  • The daily support page does take a long time to load, and I need to fix that. 
  • Rate to 10k page won't work for another week or two.  It needs to collect more data from Idea before the equations have enough data.
  • The Rate Sort is still my favorite of my custom pages.  It organizes the projects based on their lifetime support vs age.  This shows you the projects that are performing the best and also shows you popular new projects as well as they tend to get a lot of support in the first few days.  The question is, will they keep up the pace? 

Joining the Brick Journal Staff

I have been added to the staff of Brick Journal as the "LEGO Ideas Correspondent."  I did have one article in issue #29 about the Doctor Who project I did with Jared Burks but starting with issue #30 I will have regular articles.  The format is subject to change but currently the concept is that I will write one brief article about a cool project and one article about project creation and promotion.

Brick Fiesta

Brick Fiesta San Antonio 2014 came to a close two weeks ago.  Much fun was had by all and I will share more on that later.  The new fun is that we at TexLUG move Brick Fiesta around each year and the voting attendees picked Austin for 2015.

On top of that, I, along with Will Horner and Will Heron will be the Co-Chairs.  It is an interesting concept.  Each year we have a new set of people orchestrating the whole production.  I look forward to the challenge but if anyone out there has suggestions for what they want to see in a LEGO convention, please drop me a line.
I am very interested to discover what we come up with. 


Personal Projects.

Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum.
by DarthKy

Darthky and I continue our series of Themed Modulars with the Sanctum Sanctorum.  I am very pleased with how me managed to pull of the central window which is critical feature of the structure.
 On the second floor we took a more whimsical approach by having a laid back living room/kitchen area.  The first floor we reserved for Doctor Strange's study.  Darthky kept this one much simpler than our previous projects, avoiding the unfolding aspect we added to Wayne Manor and X-mansion.

Frozen: Olaf!

Joe Meno, the editor of Brick Journal, and I have teamed up to create an Ideas project themed on his popular Olaf build based on the character from Frozen.  Joe updated the design a bit to utilize the new Mixel joints for more twig like arms but the build is otherwise unchanged.

All proceeds we might receive from this project will go to the FIRST LEGO League.

A Few Interesting  Ideas

I have decided to go ahead and write one massive post to cover all the projects I think have been noteworthy since the transition to Ideas.  A note on order, all project are sorted in their category (Pick, Honorable Mention, Notable)  according to their support level at the time the article was started.  


Pick of the Week

Normally I try to keep the Pick of the Week down to one, maybe two if I can't decide, but since I have been on hiatus for so long, I decided to list several projects that really stand out.


RAKRONDEWL has provided a model that is quite engaging.  I love that it expands upward.  I know that this cuts down on its practicality but it certainly adds character. 

Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child
by Concore

Extremely well done visuals, great custom figs.  All in all an excellent send up of the First Doctor.

Spaceballs - Eagle 5
by NvdK

Ah Space Balls.  The Classic Sci-fi spoof film by the epic Mel Brooks.   This is an awesome recreation of Eagle 5.  I think this project would have been very well served by including an Indiana Jones figures, sans fedora of course for the Lone Star character.  Remember, people LOVE minifigs.

Stake-Out Steak Delivery Surveillance Van
by JanYap

JanYap is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers on Ideas.  They create intriguing, fully actualized projects with a humorous bent to them.  On top of that they put effort into the quality of the presentation.

This one actually made me chortle when I saw it.  I am a sucker for good pun.   

Kung Fu Teahouse

I know that Ninjago is taking up the "theme-space" of  "Martial Arts" centric sets right now but I really like the concept and, for the most part, the execution of this idea.  I would like to see integrated action elements somehow implemented though that could really bring the "kung fu" to life.

Honorable Mentions

The Honorable Mentions are projects that were not quite as good as the "Pick of the Week" but deserve strong recognition. 

Avengers Helicarrier
by ysomt

This is a stunning piece of work.  Truly astounding. I applaud the detail and effort involved. 

This project is one of he rare examples, like the Sandcrawler,  where the model is so extreme that in many of the images "muggles" would not even recognize them as LEGO builds.

I love the classic Hellicarrier, I love the Marvel Cinematic Hellicarrier.  I considered MOCing it myself and maybe will some day.

I think it is awesome that Ysomt has shared their build on Ideas with us all, but, being honest I don't think it has very good chances of getting produced, at any scale.  If LEGO was going to make a Hellicarrier, it would have been during the Avengers release.  On top of that (SPOILERS) the Hellicarrier is no longer part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   

That being said, if LEGO does produce a Hellicarrier, I will be one of the first in line to pick one up.

by JWG258

I am always a fan of JWG258's work and this fine example carries on their tradition of fun, single pilot ships with great color and part usage.

Laser Guided Catapult-on-a-Truck
by JanYap

An awesome mash up of modern and medieval.  This is well executed and looks like a really fun design to play with.



Notables are projects that I have something to say about, maybe good, maybe a suggestion for improvement.

Modular Library
by JGreeny
An extremely nice modular.that avoids the pitfalls you see in a lot of non-canon Modulars.

Like most Modulars on Ideas though I think this one suffers form Inevitable discovery.  Any building you might find in "every" downtown is likely already on LEGO's to do list.   
Avengers Stark Tower
by SHuN23
Extremely well done build, but suffers from the same problem as the Hellicarrier above.  Stark Tower, true to the film is a single point in time. 

There are a few elements of the building that serve critical to the Avengers movie but they can't be easily replicated in an architectural build. 
The Solar System
by saabfan
I love orreries and this fine example is no exception.  This one is well served by its tight scale and robust nature.

Dynamic builds, much to my chagrin just don't move anywhere on Ideas though.    
Spirited Away Yubaba’s Bathhouse
An extremely well done recreation from an great film.  The scale is fantastic.  Personally I would have left out the spirit though and added a minifig or two.

Just like the Star Wars planet series there is no reason for the figures to be to scale with the build.  
Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary
Mary Poppins!  Nick Tierce is definitely a fan of the movie.  He has an excellent video attached to the project that gives very well thought out reasons for any serious fan of cinema and story telling to love the film.

It has inspired me to see the film again, it has been too long.  The project is quite beautiful.  The part where it looses me, personally, is that though I remember many scenes from Marry Poppins, I don't really recall the house very well. 

I remember the adventures, and I remember, the bedroom scene with the spoonful song, and I remember a lot with the chimney.  The chimney though is where the house splits.

I think Mary Poppins would be much better served by a small collection of settings rather than the whole house, but again, it has been long since I have viewed the film and only speak from my own opinion.  

Leonardo's Helicopter
DaVinci is a very popular subject and this a great model based on his works.
The Lego Beetlejuice House!
An astounding model!  I would like to see some attempt at Beetlejuice though.  It is unusual to have a model named after a character that is not demonstrated, or even mentioned in the project.

 The photography on this one is top notch.

Fortress of Solitude, Phantom Zone Breakout
by Kizmo
Best Fortress to date.  
XS Freighter
The accuracy of the model is very impressive.
Mini Troopers
by rexngch
Very well done microbuilds. 
Space Observatory
Every time a project is selected, there are several similar ones that come out.  Minecraft spawned scores of habitats for example.

I can't help but feel that this project is an expansion of the Research Institute.  It might not be the intent but it is my gut response.  It is very well done, certainly, that is not in question.  I just feel that the Research Institute is occupying this niche right now.
Coinop Videogame
by msx80
Jumping Frog - Remote Controlled
Check out the video, it works a lot better than I would have imagined.
Classic Space Valkyrie VF-1 CS
If I were to post this project, I would have left off the official Robotech branding.  Crossing IP is just asking for trouble, especially with an IP as legally quagmired as Robotech. 
Meta Ridley Encounter
by TheNerd
Very good use of the new Mixel elements.
The Battle For Minas Tirith
Fantastic.  The scale is a bit extreme but the piece is magnificent. 
International Space Station (Architecture Edition)
Perfect scale for the casual LEGO and Space fan.
Pokemon - Charizard
A good rendition of an organic entity. 
Classic Tractor - John Deere
Very well done.  I hope Matthew has been trying to get in touch with John Deere.
1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GT
by GTC00
Minifig scaled cars are very hard to do.  Sure, you can put anything on four wheels, but making them look good is very difficult.  Try to model a specific model of automobile at minifig scale and you are talking about a serious challenge.

This build does a very good job reflecting the Mustang.  I would however like to see the vent grille though I know that is a very tall order.  A reference to the stripe on the side would be ideal as well.

Lamborghini Countach LP400
Such impressive geometries!
ModBots: Modular Brick-Built Robots
Kind of like Robot Mixels.  This idea has come before, but this one is very well executed.
Exotic Market
Very nice.
Merlin: Battle for Camelot
PrimeMerlinian has demonstrated a heroic effort of bringing the series "Merlin" to Ideas with no less than six projects on the theme.
PrimeMerlinian has done an excellent job of creating core project images that showcase the subject of the project and the minifigs.

They have also done a great job with this project in particular of balancing a display castle and a playset.  Too many project creators would have made an entire castle and crammed the play content inside it.  

LOTR - Rivendell Part 4
Anduin1710 has a whole series of Rivendell builds.  If that is your thing I suggest you check them out.
Mickey Mouse and Friends Brickfigures
Flying Megapede
by Jmoreno
I like the insect/crustacean-like quality of this one.  
I like the concept here but projects that cross IPs always get my goat.  
Curved roofed building
Nice design.
Relaxing...I find building to be a very "zen" type action.  I imagine building a garden out of LEGO might be the most relaxing thing one could do.  
The Gilded Crow
Very nice pirate ship.  Photos are very well done too, a very professional project.   The sails are fantastic as well.  I really like the LEGO heraldry.

FRIENDS : Monica and Rachel's Apartment
The attention to detail is extremely impressive.  This kind of project screams for renders.  The cast is well done, within LEGO's standard options, but custom figures are needed to really sell this project. 
Micro Relativity
This is something I have been wanting to get around to for a few years now.  Excellent work on recreating a Classic!
Exo-MicroForce Pilot Set "Sentry vs Uplink"
TheMugbearer has found an excellent way to pay homage to  Exo-Force for the fans of the line.  
Skygrasper Civillian Version
by JanYap
I really dig  JanYap's designs.  Plus they have very clean projects
Expedition Savannah
Ewald_77 has a very nice series of projects based on a licensed vehicle and a setting.  Excellent photography and setup as well.

The Lion King Brickfigure Animals
SavetheBrick's best work to date.
Gee Bee
by Hajdekr
A pretty astounding microbuild.  I suggest you want the video to admire its construction.  I will have to try out the trick Hajdekr used to get the wings on.
Gee Bee Model R Bendix Racer
I have always liked the bulky style of the Gee Bee model R.  This is a great recreation of the aircraft
25th Century Mech - B403-VT "Pittbull"
A fun mech with cool joints.  I always get a kick out of mechs on skates. 

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