Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Pick of the Week

Wallace & Gromit Brickfigures

I kept waffling between this project and the Moon Landing.  In the end, I thought this idea was more creative and overlooked.  Any fan of Wallace and Gromit will instantly recognize this build.  I am impressed by how accurately the characters have been recreated.  Well done sir!


Honorable Mentions

Moon Landing-Apollo 11

The Moon Landing is one of those special projects that really makes me wonder why Lego has not made it yet.  LEGO's bread and butter is a figure or two and a vehicle and a sizable chunk of those sets are space themed, and a lot of the space ones are actually NASA themed.

So yeah.  This is one of those projects concepts that I assume will get to 10k eventually and then get produced.  I was very sad when Suzuki left Ideas and took his Lunar Lander with them as I felt it was a great model.

This lander is a great and worthy model.  It is perhaps missing a bit of polish that I have seen in others but that is more than made up for in this excellent presentation.  The grey blanket makes for an excellent lunar surface and the flair on the helmet is spectacular.   I do wish there were a few stars Photoshopped in and perhaps an image of Earth in the distance, but all in all an excellent shot and one that will certainly bring in supporters.

War of the Worlds Martian Tripod

Wow!  Now that is some difficult building.  For some reason FOLs love Tripods but this is the first I have seen to use the tail element and to such rewarding effect!

TMNT Party Wagon

I often contemplate recreating toys from my childhood in LEGO.  This his exactly how I remember the TMNT Party Wagon of yore!  Wow, just, wow!

Arab Village

This build has a lot of character.

Operation: Steam Knight (OSK140718) - Vladamire /

Pittstop has a TON of creative mecha on Ideas, each with its own theme and character.  I really like how this vampire themed mecha has the vampire's coffin on its back. 

Metal Slug SV-001 (being decommissioned)
by JanYap

A successful recreation of a memorable video game vehicle.

World Sports

Not a big boxing fan but I have to respect the quality of the build here.  I really like the full breadth of content.  Great use of the Fabuland chairs.    

BeeBot - The Honey Detecting Robot
by JanYap

I love JanYap's creativity.  You never know what to expect.  On top of that the projects always showcase great building skill and great presentation.

Lego Cupcakes

These are very well done.  I especially like the details to co into the cup part.

I especially include this project because I love it when people do something creative within the platform, like when AndrewClark2 used a stack of images to create a single large one. Clark's method is not viable anymore in the Ideas format, but Andrijan94 has created a mosaic of images using an array of tiny images.  It is pretty spectacular.   

The only problem is that is someone is looking at it in a smaller browser or on a cell phone, it breaks down the organization of images.

Knight's Golfing Club

This is just a fun idea.  


LOTR - Rivendell Part 5
I appreciate what Anduin1710 is doing.  It can really help a project out to have other projects that support others.  While this is pretty, I can't see it standing alone as a project.  

It is basically a hallway, with generic figures.  Yes, an extremely pretty walkway.  It also does not appear to be constructed to separate to assist in placing figures.   This obviously is not critical, but you want to sell a set using every angle you can and playability is one of them.
Galaxy Explorer 2015
Benny and the Exo-suit are certainly bring about a resurgence of classic inspired Space builds.
Boardwalk Arcade
Excellent micro-work with the jukebox.  The foosball table is also very well done.  I would have liked the pinball machines to be a bit larger but I can imagine the extreme challenge of building the pinball machine at that scale. 
Batman: Blackest Night Grave
When creating a project be sure your thumbnail image is absolutely clear.  This black-on-black is hard to decipher.

This project does counter the difficulty of reading the image by adding the "Blackest Night" logo, but poorly places it so it becomes cropped. 
Lego Oreo Machine That Takes Money
If your project is in any way dynamic, you really want to include a video of it functioning.  It does not have to have crazy production values, a simple Cell phone video will suffice.

The worst video is still better at describing how a dynamic build works than the best description. 
AdriPiqueras created a video to go with this project.  It is a great example of interesting approaches to promoting your project. 
Galactic Defender
I really like how Bryant Tsu used fishing line to hang the model for a great "flying effect in the image.  Well done.   
Suburban House
This looks just a little too much like a Creator set.  You really want to emphasize what makes your set distinct from currently available sets.  
Fun at the carnival
Bounce castle is a pretty fun idea.  PLEASE though, don't create projects with improper backgrounds.  It is extremely simple to create projects with no-background or better ones.

Here is a tutorial I have written up for this.
Benny's Space Suit
This is a blanket response to all the Benny projects cropping up.

Everyone loves Benny.  LEGO love Benny.  Benny is doing just fine.
LEGO is either working on a new line of Benny stuff OR they are not going to until the next movie.  The Movie is a gold mine for LEGO and they are currently thinking long and hard about the best ways to monetize it well into the future.
FIFA World Cup
One year too late or two years too early. 

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