Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

LEGO Ideas Digest introduced

This week, LEGO started sending out the Digest.  It is a computer generated email that you can opt in to that gives updates on LEGO Idea activities.  I have not received enough to really establish any patterns of content, but it does include the support increases of projects the recipient has submitted, links to comments on those projects, links to additions of followers, and what appears to be a few other, random tidbits.  Give it a try.  

Pick of the Week

Tropical Beach Hut
by miro78

Miro has a fun, beautiful, and attractive build here.  It has enough greenery to look organic and real without going overboard. 

There is a well established narrative to the build build that leverages many specialized elements: birds,  crabs, sea shells, clams, ship wheels, leaves, etc...I especially like the ores used for the rails and the sign.  I do think using two ship wheels for decoration in a single build is overdoing it a little though. 

When thinking critically about the build (which I try to do with any "pick of the week") I do have to  wonder about the scooter.  The tan plates on the ground clearing give the impression of a sandy beach.  I can't claim to have personal experiences with beches and scooters, but I can't image taking a scooter to the beach, a Three or Four wheeler sure, but not a Vespa.  This is a small point of course, but it sticks out to me.


Honorable Mentions

Winnie the Pooh Brickfigures

I really appreciate how many variations in depth the heads of these characters have.  Eeyore is extremely well done.  I really like the fins used as ears.  The unikitty tail for honey is pretty clever too.  


Modular Police Station
A very well done modular but I have to believe that with the fire station being a Modular that LEGO has already considered a police station and that it is either on the list for a future modular or LEGO has decided that crime is not something which needs to be prevented in the Modular Main Street. 
Monkey Island – 25th Anniversary
Kickstarter has proved that fans of SoMI's creators are active, numerous, and willing to put money out to get a product.
by aleehc
I see a lot of great concepts on Ideas but they need to be actually built (and photographed well) or realistically rendered.  Projects have 365 days to get 10,000 votes.  That is 27.4 votes a DAY.

If you have a serious project, you need to present it as impressive as possible.  Rendering can be done for free and many will volunteer their time to help you out.  
Voyager interstellar mission
Well done.

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