Doctor Who Campaign Page

Thanks to everyone who voted and participated in our original Lego Cuusoo Doctor Who Campaign!  We will be posting links to articles and updates on the projects shortly.

We would however love to share with you another great Lego Cuusoo Doctor Who project:

 This is a much more conservative project but we just love how amazingly Flailx  got the console to fit into the TARDIS.

Kaminoan and I are putting our full support behind this project and even throwing in hand on the figures. 

Please make sure to VOTE ON LEGO CUUSOO to get the set made AT THIS LINK.  This is just the vote for which figures you would like to see in the set!

Lego and the BBC will have the ultimate say in which Companion(s) is included but we want to give them your feedback on who your favorite characters are.

Who are your favorite 10th Doctor Companions

Mickey will be coming along shortly.