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99.9% of the internet uses hyperlinks.  They let you create a link like this instead of like this:  The obvious benefit is that with the hyperlink, someone with even the slightest curiosity can go to your link with a click of the mouse and without the hyperlink they have to copy and paste the url into a browser.

Many people creating projects on Cuusoo however do not user them.  This is most common for links to additional images or to video content.  I often see phrases like:

       Check out a video of my project here:

When they could be saying

       Check out my video here!

Which do you think is going to get the most click troughs?  If that video or link is going to get you supporters you have to make it easy for the audience.

How do you create Hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks are incredibly simple to write, just follow this example:

<a href="link">display text</a>

Whatever you type in the quotes for href="" will be link that the hyperlink will go to.

Whatever you put in between > and </a> will be the text that shows up.

So writing <a href="">Corellian Defender</a> in your project would create the hyperlink Corellian Defender which will go to when clicked.

Note that you cannot type a hyperlink (or any html) into a comment on a project.  This is to protect Cuusoo users from scripting attacks (which is a much larger topic and one unrelated to Cuusoo).  So I cannot explain to people how to use hyperlinks in their I am doing it here.

Cuusoo and Twitter

This is a very quick write up about Twitter for Cuusoo users...will clean it up later

First you need a twitter account but you do not actually need to have any followers. It does help to follow someone because the more sparse your account is the more it looks like a spam account. You could for instance Follow me... click on the blue bird that says "follow"

When you do a basic tweet, which is done by clicking on the blue square with a quill....I can do picture later, you will send out a message to all your followers....and this is also kept in a database so people can look at if for a while....This is the most common form of tweeting. 
The other more interesting way to "Tweet a Person"...this is like an email that anyone can see but that is only directed at a specific individual.  Your followers will not see it unless they go to your page...or I think if they follow both you and the recipient.  It is there for anyone to find though on your site and ...there are ways to hide this but it is not part of this conversation....

So, you find someone you want to say "Hi" to and you go to their twitter page. You accomplish this by searching for what you are looking for (like  Capcom) on the top of the twitter page for instance..more on the details of this later.  
Once you get to a "person's" twitter page, there is a box on the left side that says: Tweet to "Blah" with a
an input box that says @blah. The @ in any part of a tweet says...send to this person.

So anything you type after @blah, will be sent to "blah."  
The issue though is many many many people are probably sending content to blah all the time, so Blah might not see your message or they might just ignore it.  The more people that send a similar message though, the more likely they are to respond to it.

Some people from the Email era feel this is too much like Spam...but that is the point of twitter. Lots of people are literally signing up to receive "spam" form a "person" on twitter. That person WANTS to have interesting spam to give to their followers. So many are happy to get the interesting Spam because it shows their followers that they have good spam to give out and that you should keep following them to get more of it. 

That is the very brief explanation of tweeting for effect. 

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