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Welcome to the Campaign page of the FTL Lego Cuusoo Project

What follows is the presentation of the  FTL Lego Cuusoo Project  as posted by Crashsanders, a description of who we are, and finally, how you can be a part of expanding the FTL Universe!

FTL Lego Cuusoo Project

Idea Image

FTL: Faster Than Light is a rogue-like indie game developed by Matthew Davis and Justin Ma,
also known as Subset Games team, which brings player to the edge of a conflict between remnants of Galactic Federation and a huge Rebel Fleet. A small ship called The Kestrel has some critical information about Rebels and must deliver it to the allied forces encamped just a few sectors away from it's current position. But Rebels are already on a pursuit so there's no time to waste! Onward to the great unknown!

Your task as a player is to take control of a ship's crew and lead them to the target. You must
jump from waypoint to waypoint in order to reach the exit beacon that leads to the next sector. Every waypoint is a random event, some unexpected encounter. It could be Rebel pilotless scout sneaking around in search of you, or a trader, or maybe a random weapon just floating in the space! The main difficulty is the rebel fleet which comes closer with each jump you make.

Every decision is critical.

You can upgrade your ship, hire or acquire during events new crew members, and obtain new weapons. Spend your only currency - scrap metal - wisely, because you will never know what will happen after the jump.

"This is FTL as I love it. I spent hours playing, trying again and again, and only once did I make it to the victory. FTL: Faster Than Light is a great game that I recommend to everyone I know. Such a love deserves a proper contribution."

-- Crash Sanders

Idea Image

This is The Kestrel itself. This ship is the only one available when you play the game the first time. Other ships are unlockable under certain circumstances. Every ship has a second layout which can be unlocked by completing  'personal achievements.'
Idea Image 

This is an advanced Stealth Cruiser being secretly developed by Engi species to help the Federation. Once The Kestrel reaches the Engi Homeworlds, they transfer the blueprints.
Idea Image

This is the Mantis cruiser that has been surrendered by the famous Mantis pirate to the Kestrel crew after fierce battle and successful boarding.  Image features Mantis species made by GlenBricker.

This is the Engi Cruiser.

The Zoltan Cruiser.

The Federation Cruiser.

This is Rock Cruiser, The Bulwark. When The Kestrel came to Rock Homeworlds, they meet Rockmen assault ship that hailed them. It seems that Rockmen want to help but they will help only to those who are worthy. So The Kestrel's Crew was invited to a challenging fight. After wisely damaging several systemless rooms, Rockmen surrendered and considered The Kestrel's crewmen worthy of their help. And that's why Federation received blueprints of one of the toughest, bulkiest, most badass ships in the known universe.

This is the Slug Cruiser, the Man of War

Idea Image 

This is The Kestrel painted in Rebel colors. It also has it's own distinctive name: "The Red Tail".

Idea Image 

This is Layout B for Mantis Cruiser, also known as 'The Basilisk'. 

Idea Image
This is Layout B for Zoltan Cruiser known as "The Noether"
Idea Image
This is DA-SR 12, Layout B for Stealth Cruiser.
Idea Image
This is The Vortex, second layout for Engi cruiser.


These are the other species that you can meet/fight/hire in FTL: Faster Than Light. In order from left to right: Crystal, Engi, Zoltan, Human officers, Slug, Rockman. In the bottom-right corner - a Mantis.

Detailed Images of the Crew



The Folks behind Lego FTL


Crashsanders is a Cuusoo creator that specializes in micro-scale recreations of famous sci-fi vehicles, macrofigures, and small scale mecha of his own design. FTL is the brainchild of Subset Games team but Lego FTL is the brainchild of Crashsanders.   The recreations of the FTL ships are his work as well as the alien builds, with the exception of the Mantis.

Projects of note


Glenbricker is a Cuusoo blogger and creator.  He specializes in recreations of sci-fi and fantasy vehicles, minifig customization, and dynamic builds.  For Lego FTL he designed the Mantis build and the customized printing on the human crew minifigs as well as rendering support and project advice. 

Projects of Note

Other Collaborations

Crashsanders and Glenbricker have also previously worked together on the Star Control/Ur-Quan Masters project.

What is Cuusoo?

Cuusoo is, in it's simplest terms, Lego Crowd sourcing, though some like to call it Lego Kickstarter.  People submit ideas for new Lego sets as a pitch for a product.   Project creator prove to Lego that their idea has merit by getting 10,000 people to support the project.  Each and every supporter has the option of giving their feedback as they vote. 

Every quarter, Lego takes all the projects that have achieved 10,000 supporters and reviews them based on market viability and brand fit.  They also create their own version of the project in-house, based on the project concept, supporter feedback, and Lego "canon" building techniques.

In this review, each project will have one of three fates:

  • Rejection: Lego has declined to make the product
  • Pass: Lego has decided to push the decision to the next quarterly review
  • Production: Lego will produce a set based on the project
Only one project can be selected for production each quarter.

To support a project all you need is a Cuusoo account and two minutes of your time.  You can quickly generate an account by connecting through facebook or twitter.  Once you have an account you go to the project of your choice and click on the great big green "Support" button.  You will be asked what price point you think the set should be placed at, how many copies of he set you would like, and a area where you can say exactly what you like about the project.

We really hope you like the project as presented, but take note, Skilled Official Lego Craftsmen will be the ones designing the final product that reaches the market.  If you think this project is rubbish, but still like the idea of a Lego set based on FTL, then supporting this project can get you what you want.  If this is the case for you, give Lego the feedback: "I like this project because it is based on FTL."

Spreading the Word

The faster a project reaches 10k, the more seriously it is taken by the community.  The current review deadline is March 4th.  Given the expansive fan base of FTL, the required 10,000 supporters should be easy to acquire by then, but only if you can help us get the word out.

If you seriously want to hold a Kestrel in your hands than please, take action and join the Campaign

  • Tell every FTL fan you know
  • Post in relevant forums
  • Send "Tip" emails to relevant gaming sites, for instance:  Penny-Arcade, Joystiq, and Kotaku  
  • Tweet your followers and send direct tweets to gaming personalities
  • Use Reddit as intended and responsibly


Spreading the Love

While you are taking the time to support Lego FTL, please take few moments to check out the other fine projects Cuusoo has to offer.  Be warned though, Cuusoo believes in giving practically every project a shot at 10,000 supporters so quality varies tremendously.  It is therefore helpful to do some crowd sourcing of your own to find Cuusoo's best projects and view the by their support levels.

To view Cuusoo's projects, sorted by support level, go to this link and then click on the "Sort by:" option "most supported." This will allow you to page down through the Cuusoo catalog, 18 projects at a time.

That said, I would love to share with you some of my favorites:

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Thank you for your Time

-- GlenBricker

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