Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cuusoo Analytics: Days to 10k


The Exo Suit has achieved 10k supporters!  This makes the Bugdroid the most supported project at 8600+ and the Valkyrie the most supported Mecha at 5300+ support.

The surge of support to finish out the Exo Suit was also kind to many other mecha projects.  

Approaching 1k Milestone

Parts design for SNOT 2-sided stud and LEGO UCS TARDIS and other Doctor Who sets crossed the 1k milestone last week.  The Tardis, though fantastic, is likely to be archived shortly.  The construction toy license for Doctor Who is currently held by Character Builder and with past projects (including Dr.Who), Lego has made it clear that they will archive such projects after they reach 1k. Still, it is interesting that the project is still up if the decision is that easy. 

Motorized Tumbler
Support Level: 994
Support Level: 985


Deadline Review

The next review is March 3rd, 2012.  That is 52 Days from today.  - The Legend of Zelda Project - has a great chance of making the review.    It is only a question of whether or not the surge of support will maintain or sputter out.   The Land Rover is currently just inside that window and Bugdroid just outside of it.  I will be more sure of next weeks figures as these numbers could be buoyed by the people coming to vote for the Exo Suit.

Do you want to speed a project up?

Projects can get to 10k much faster than what is shown here with active fan support. This link has many examples of how fans can help out their favorite projects. 


Days to 10K

ProjectCreatorRate10k 1k
- The Legend of Zelda Project -Ragaru74.94 25
Land-Rover Defender 110Sheepo40.17 51
Andy/Bugdroid the Android by GoogleGLHTurbo26.05 54
Batmobile Tumbler Minifig ScaleBrentWaller46.85 90
Mini Shop SeriesPekko33.06 166
Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored partsmaxvf123.12 202
Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle EncounterWesTalbott35.26 2638
BTTF - UCS DeLorean Time Machinem.togami14.73 437
GhostbustersTeeKay16.44 466
Avengers: Iron Man Mark Vii Armormmccooey20.28 47330
The Muppets!jedikermit14.5 572
LEGO Bird SeriesDeTomaso8.53 636
T-Rex Skeletonjazlecraz12.56 76346
Japanese old style architecturetaxon557.72 767
Batman: Killer Croc's LairBrickQueen9.62 826
Ultimate Collectors Series Lightsabersscott345678.86 894
Apollo 11 Lunar Missionsuzuki8.24 904
Architecture : Space Shuttle crawler transporterTeazza9.76 912
Modular Apple Storegotoandbuild5.97 951
New Short Minifigure PartsTakanuinuva10.12 95465
UCS All Terrain Armoured TransportCavegod9.05 966
The Bat Risesvelociraptor8.48 988
Invisible HandLDiEgo6.77 1013
LEGO PokemonKevinhink8.05 1096
Douglas DC-3Ssorg7.39 1129
Majestic Airship!Ssorg7.39 1175
Corellian Defender (Star Wars the Old Republic)GlenBricker7.58 1180
Labyrinth Marble MazeTouthomme5.68 1197
LEGO Architecture - Leaning Tower of Pisamoctown5.73 1231
MINECRAFT Microworld Add-Ons!dunc2377.25 12443
Batman: Man-Bat's LabBrickQueen6.44 1306
LEGO Mobile Designer for Nintendo 3DS & other devicesFrankie5.97 1312
Vampire GT SupercarCrowkillers5.35 1409
The Glory of Romemminnitt5.26 1422
Flying DutchmanSebeus5.73 1489
Realistic treesPaultox5.16 1545
Legolympus (Mythology Theme with Mount Olympus Set)Kiffington5.73 1557
Modular Town Plan CinemaHinckley5.31 1565
Pokemon: Gyaradosretinence5.26 1622
Space Shuttle Launch ComplexTeazza5.73 166190
Hardsuitsiron_S5.12 1709
The Amazing Spider Man Ultra Poseable Action Figuremmccooey5.4 173569
BTTF - Biff Tannen's Fordm.togami5.45 1754103
LEGO Settlers of CatanMichael4.5 1756
Red SquirrelVuurzoon4.69 1757
Adventure Time! Tree Fortdunc2375.16 181167
Ancient World Civilizationsmatija4.74 1858
LEGO UCS TARDIS and other Doctor Who setsXenomurphy4.78 1877
Handicapped Accessibility PackDrNO5.06 1921143
League of Legends of LegoAddam3.51 1936
Micro Scale Star Wars Scenestoomuchcaffe4.17 1959
UCS Tron Light Cycleabathar64.64 199152
Small YELLOWbrickartist4.03 2000
Mirage (realistically speaking)Nannan3.69 2003
New Parts design for SNOT 2-sided stud (+inv)(+stud only for...nachapon4.36 2061
Desktop Series: Sky-FirongYIREN4.31 2080
Ironman Arc ReactorMr.Attacki4.41 2198157
Transforming Retro Video Game Accessoriesvonbrunk3.98 2228
Castle Crashersczar3.6 2236
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GrandsportSheepo3.88 2294
Motorized Tumblermahj3.88 23222
Sandtrooper on DewbackDaiman4.22 2323190
Minifigure hand with attachment pointpotluck4.12 2340155
PianoHidaka2.89 2341
Back To The Future TrainGRusso3.98 235593
BTTF - Hill Valley Courthousem.togami4.07 2355143
- MegaMan Project -Alatariel4.03 2360127
UCS Star Wars Jedi Temple Coruscantdimitriniko3.51 2434
Medieval Market StreetAlexP3.65 2446
Log Cabin - Two Seasons!Ssorg3.79 244874
Galaxy Commandreekardoo3.92 2469173
Galaxy Diner and Empire Theatersonicstar3.46 2522
Western Town - Pif Paf Citykris_kelvin3.36 2573
Star Wars Universe PacksBorex3.6 2607107
Phineas and FerbAwesomeEthan2.94 2640
Legend of Zelda: King of Red Lionsflailx3.55 2660125
Lego StoreRayC3.27 2686
AVATAR! - Scorpion gunship -ALKIDO3.61 2709215
LEGO Minecraft Board GameOrcaman43.36 273759
Model of Hogwarts CastleScorpius3.46 2782181
Megadethmegzter3.32 2879168
RMS TitanicSsorg3.17 290060
Mini CooperSteven19803.03 2918
LEGO Star Wars Micro Chess Setavisolo2.94 2933
UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyerjourianbax3.08 3043121
Porsche 997 GT3Crowkillers2.98 311998
Medieval Travelling TheatreBobsy2.94 3245183
Willys JEEPsuzuki2.7 3259
Portal Test Chambert-brick2.75 3267
Clone Wars Infantry PacksDAVID-HALL2.7 3320
LOTR UCS ArgonathShayd_DeGrai2.84 3397228
Lego Wall-E!!suzuki2.65 345458
Roller CoasterLuc20002.61 347426
MINI Cooper Mark ISheepo2.65 347478
Marvel Avengers Board GamePekko2.7 3484151
Lego minifigures in action figure boxes! A new way to collec...Gruntbuddy2.61 3595146
GLaDOSpitrek022.71 3614293
LOTR: Fall of the Witch KingShayd_DeGrai2.65 3653256
Themed Brick BoxOdd.Robot2.51 366882
Legend of Korra: Mecha Tank, Korra, Amon, Hiroshi, & Support...GlenBricker2.61 3707258
Lego Movie Chronicle Seriessuzuki2.42 376849
Doctor Who UCS TARDISklsmith0072.51 3857271
Prototype Attack Mecha Alpha Zerodanr2.23 3932
The Drake's Head InnAlexP2.32 396788
Modular Costume Store for Collectible MinifiguresBrentWaller2.23 406227
Batman The Dark Knight Movie Masterpiece 1:5 Scalemmccooey2.32 4182303
Corner Candy Modular Buildingwaltzking2.18 4255126
Winter Village Train Depotted_andes2.27 4259294
The Tumbler Collectionvelociraptor2.18 4326198
James Bond's Aston Martin DB5JJOttens2.23 4341305
Medusa's TempleStrider2.13 4458233
Star Wars Season 4 Phase 2 Clone Battle PacksZspace2.14 4467262
Disney MinifiguresKeTi2.13 4546320
MacrofiguresCrashSanders1.99 4635112
HONDA CBR1000rr REPSOL versionOryx2.08 4663336
Arak-N3mahj1.94 472384
Wild EncountersWrinkledog1.89 480644
Superman Man of Steel Fortress of Solitude MicrobuildBrickQueen2.0 4890390
Angry Birds - RedChiukeung1.8 4910
the Rhinoceros by Theo Jansenkvanb1.8 4975
Micro Power Functions (motors, battery, valve, LED)midori1.8 5105105
Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone)gtrocks11111.85 5170305
Rebel Snowspeederdrakmin1.85 5195330
HindenburgJJOttens1.75 523390
Lego Mountain Bikingj4mes1.47 5296
Cinematic Minifigure Seriessgtdisney551.75 5334191
Apple Store ( Stage)jamessims1.81 5413441
STAR WARS - Sith Fighter - Knights of the Old Republicreekardoo1.81 5417444
Minecraft Chickenlegitimateal1.71 5455192
Lego DC Heroes Minifigures Series 1ManiacDude1.75 5460318
Dump Truck 10x4Designer_Han1.71 5502239
Avengers IRONMAN gantrymachine2.0choisanghun1.71 5527264
Legend of Zelda: Master Sword & PedestalFlanBrosInc1.75 5559416
Marvel Mystery Bagsspirals1.71 5696433
Camper Van Forevernuno25001.61 5760169
Star Wars Opee Sea KillerPepaQuin1.52 5864
Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)SpacySmoke1.61 5902312
Apple Store Vending Machinelgorlando1.61 5922332
Star Wars - Star Tours Starspeeder 3000HJR-Holland1.61 5951361
UCS Naboo Royal StarshipAnio1.52 6040119
Food TruckSpacySmoke1.56 6062293
LEGO Avengers: The Video GameAwesomeEthan1.57 6155423
Dragon Slayerslizardman1.47 619775
Kashyyyk-Gunship 7676 UCS - Custom Star Wars 3d_predator1.52 6202281
Disney Parks - Castles Collectionlg20121.56 6231461
Lego Pikmin Memorial - KingArthur1.56 6241472
Hubble Space TelescopeGRusso1.52 6250329
Lovely Sailboat!Ssorg1.52 6315394
MARS BASE (Modular with interiors)GRusso1.52 6410489
Micro-build Hogwarts CastleBeKindRewind1.42 6450112
Lego Tessellation Tiles New Bricks Designnachapon1.51 6495534
Ultimate Collector Series AT-ATLucero1.51 6497537
Starcraft 2 Siege Tank - Remote Controlbasilfawlty1.37 6841271
Goblin Fortress RuinsAlexP1.37 6872303
Mini BatmobileTiler1.33 7001234
Separatist Forces On Christophsis: Magna Tri-Droidsepsymp1.37 7013444
RESEARCH LAB SUBMARINE (Modular with interiors)GRusso1.37 7071502
Lord of the Rings Rohan Soldier and Elf Archer Battle Packtimble-goorn1.37 7073503
IRON MAN gantrymachinechoisanghun1.33 7081314
Minecraft, Snow biomeDookie1.33 7162395
EVE Online Ships - Merlinczar1.14 7424
Lotus 43 F1RoscoPC1.28 7432400
SEPARATIST DROID Battle-Packsepsymp1.28 7500468
Monochrome Boxed SetsteelwoolG1.28 7503472
Modular Death StarFetthead1.28 7511480
Lego Avatarreekardoo1.28 7518487
LOTR: Minas Tirith MicrobuildShayd_DeGrai1.28 7559528
X Men: X Mansionphillipe1.28 7596565
Ladyada's Workshop!adafruit0.95 7753
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavariat-brick1.25 7821621
Mercy General City Hospitallgorlando1.18 7982355
Classic Monorail RevampConchas1.21 8087649
Classic American Hot Roddrdesignz1.2 8168668
Mos Eisley Cantina - Star Warsricho1.2 8175675
TECHNO UNION Droid Army / UTAPAU Battle-Packsepsymp1.2 8176676
Lamborghini GallardoCrowkillers1.2 8178678
Starfighter "Blue Vengeance" Konajra1.18 8179552
General Grievous' Wheel BikeTBBCustoms1.14 8180286
Odeon CinemaTeunis1.18 8189562
MonorailHidaka1.14 8204309
Scorpion's Soul Pirate Shiphasskabal1.14 8282387
Curve builder partsShayd_DeGrai1.18 8283656
Appa from Avatar: The Last AirbenderOkay1.14 8321426
Bricklyn Borough Courthousesonicstar1.09 8659402
Minecraft, the NetherDookie1.09 8666409
A UCS series of shipsKonajra1.09 8732475
LEGO Legend of KorraTheNerd1.09 8745488
Kamino Cloning Facilitydmf4441.09 8821564
Uss EnterpriseScrawford41.09 8937680
Battlestar Galactica Mk VII Colonial Viperscott345671.09 8942685
Star Wars Modular Buildings/LocationsACPin1.04 8995341
Wolfpack Castlereekardoo1.04 9204550
Modular Police Stationezzkazz1.04 9228575
T. Rex encounter from Jurassic Parkpmiaki1.04 9259605
The Wizard's HouseAlexP1.04 9269615
Amusement Park Ride - Twist and Whirl Ride - now MOTORIZED!DerekMedina1.04 9285631
Mr. Bean's Caralanboar1.04 9287633
Star Wars: Darth Vader's Meditation ChamberDarthHSpawn1.04 9318664
Starfox Assault ArwingV1lain1.04 9339685
Pipe OrganHidaka0.99 9494404
Tiny TrucksRobiwan0.99 9598508
LIGR (Light Infantry Grid Runner)danr0.99 9643552
The ManticoreCSF_Blake0.99 9645554
Bluetooth Receiver with iOS/Android appjoelhansen1.0 9743743
Airbus A380-800BRUGIER0.99 9782691

Not on the List? First, I tend to cut off projects after a certain day count, usually 10k. Additionally, I only monitor projects that have at least 200. Projects less than that are a little too volatile for proper assessment. Finally, I track several weeks worth of data to get these numbers, so you might not show up until your project has been post 200 for a few weeks.

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