Monday, January 7, 2013

Pick of the Week: December 30th - January 5th

Zelda Fans know what to do

In the wake of the rejection of Zelda, fans of the franchise have returned with a swell of votes for continuing projects.  The Legend of Zelda Project and Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter have enjoyed nearly 500 support each in the last week.  That is what I like to see.  People doubling down when their favorite project get rejected, not abandoning Cuusoo.

Unfortunately, this kind of response has not been seen in the case of Eve online or Western themed sets.

Exo-Suit's Week 

In all likelihood the Exo Suit will be achieving 10k this week.  This will make it the third totally unique set to reach this status.

Side-bar Support Monitoring Update

I have been operating the support monitoring (see the Left) for over a week now and it appear to be working quite well.  Today's 7 day numbers are virtually in synch with Lego's which is the proof in the pudding for me.   I need to tweek a few more details and I will be able to expand the number of projects being reported on in the linked pages. 

Pick of the Week

The Forge
by Westalbott

Support Level: 72

Personally I have a great fondness of smithies.  I imagine that people who like Lego have a disproportionately high fondness for them relative to a random population of people.  So when I saw this pop up I was rather excited.  Seeing the actual details only fanned my affection for the build. 

The forge element is quite impressive with the lighting effect, unique geometry, and accessories.  I like the brick holding the sword but I could also see that not working very well for, well, non-sword type shapes.  The mechanic of floating the forge on hinges so it presents itself when the building is opened is fantastic.  Well, I guess there is one problem with the set though...the tiles that go under the fireplace when it is stored do look a bit weird when everything else is studded.

On top of that I like the aesthetic of the exterior and the armor/signage above the door. The tan/wood second floor over a grey/stone level is clever.  The wood grain tiles look nice but I think they would look out of place near other sets that might not have them.

I really appreciate it when two story Lego building have a method for actually getting to the upper stories and I am a sucker for any Lego bookshelf.  Those factors might mean more to me than most though. 

I think the biggest issue for this set though is the high occurrence of smithies historically in the Lego line...then again, they are very popular.

Honorable Mentions

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper
by Ninja_bait

Support Level: 23

The minifigs and presentation could use a little work but this Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar is a fantastic design.  It sports complex geometries, off angle building,  and clever coloring technique. 

by Saintflev

Support Level: 29

I appreciate this set for two reasons.  First of all, it looks like a real playground set: bold colors and lots of climbing surfaces.  Second, it is a rather unique subject.

by Mignons

Support Level: 13

A lot of people have probably overlooked this build.  That is really too bad.  This set has a lot of great qualities.  It is very poseable.  The beak, neck, feed, and wings are all adjustable.  I think it needs a little work, but it is a fantastic concept. 

Week of Cuusoo

Model baseball stadium
by Kavinm95

Support Level: 117

This is a really impressive build.  Personally I have a few problems with it just based on its inherent nature.  This is a very large build but it best details can only be observed by looking down into it. The stadium is 4 foot x 4 foot x 1 foot!  So it take up a ton of space but can only be appreciated from right up next to it.

I don't know about other people but the only places I could display this build in my house would be my table and my desk...and then I could not use those at all.  This would however be an interesting way to store my figs.

The Forge
by Westalbott

Support Level: 72

See above

by Dh123

Support Level: 49

Honestly I think if Lego has any interest in producing any new sets that are just slight variations on the original, that they would just produce them.  There is a giant minecraft block in this project which I can appreciate as at least original as well as the diamond sword which they openly claim is common place for minecraft projects. 

Support Level: 29

The Alp's Train
Support Level: 20
Support Level: 18

Support Level: 13
Maelstrom Space Fighter
Support Level: 12
Herbie: The Love Bug
Support Level: 12

Crayon Box
Support Level: 9
Flash Speeder
Support Level: 8
Spartan Trireme
Support Level: 4

the emperor's villa
Support Level: 3
6 axle "Rolling Road" set
Support Level: 3
Star Cruiser
Support Level: 3

Support Level: 1

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