Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Cuusoo


Legend of Korra Project Update

Last Friday my Legend of Korra project reached 1000 support.  This just so happened to be the first day of Book 2 of Legend of Korra.  This week I also opened up the project to collaboration with "Kaminoan."  

Although I was quite happy with my own designs, Kaminoan's minifigs are unparalleled, especially the skill of manufacturing.  Using their figs has also allowed me to create these excellent bending scenes.

Pick of the Week

J7 Main Battle Mech
by tgbdz

tgbdz is one of my favorite creators on Cuusoo.  They are always presenting these great advanced vehicle designs.  I think this is the best walking tank I have seen made of Lego and Not based on popular IP.

I would seriously love to see this build in real life.   


Honorable Mentions

Modular Bakery and Hardware Store
by ezzkazz

First off, these look great.

Second they follows the rules that every Modular, in my opinion needs to do, which is to have a different looking floor on each level.  To many times people make Modulars that just look like the same story repeated.

I was thinking that ezzkazz had initially overlooked the access to the second floor but it turns out that is they put it in the back (not pictured in the project). 

Check out the roofs of both buildings though.  Very nice technique for both. 

Miniature Gumball Machine

Not to be broken record, but I love dynamic Lego build and this certainly qualifies.  "Functional' Cuusoo sets are usually very unusual (like camera stabilizers or music players)  but this one is actually  viable: a display piece with a function.


Citroen 2CV series
A cute idea.  Although, as I have said before, mixing properties just seems to me to be a bad idea.  One license is hard enough, three seems nearly impossible.
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Great job translating character models into figures. 
Rainbow Sock Monkey
A great playground playset
Space Launch System
nice rockets
I am never really sure what to think about these projects that ask for better electronics than what Lego is doing.

More power to them sure, but this is not just about making a new shapes out of ABS, this is electronics.  
Technic Carousel
by JamesJT
A clever project.  The individual "horses" move up and down too.
lego Cemetery
This is a beautiful MOC.  It certainly does walk the line though.  Its heavy use of religious imagery makes me surprised that it got through the publication restrictions through. 


  1. With such projects as the Citroen 2CV series, I assume that these are simply suggestions of the possibilities, not actual asking for three licenses.

    1. As "series" is in the title the implication is that they intend for all of them.