Friday, September 6, 2013

Daily Cuusoo

High Detail Cars

SpectroniX has some really great cars here.  Very well done and a wide variety.  My recommendation to project creators out there is that if you have quality builds, make multiple projects instead of one big project or at the very least cycle your main image frequently to showcase your assorted content better.  


Mandalorian gunship - Mark II
by JBB_777
This is an interesting ship with an engaging and interesting design. 

I have some difficulty wrapping my head around the posting of creator generated content labeled  "Star War" on Cuusoo though.

If the intent is to get a Lego set produced (which is the point of posting on Cuusoo) then I just don't get it.  

Star Wars has an expanded universe which is huge and still untapped. Fundamentally I believe that Disney would not agree to produce a random Cuusoo Lego set with a Star Wars logo on it.

To be sure, there was the Storm Trooper Drop Ship, which if I recall did not exist before the Lego build but that was effectively a battle pack before they really had the idea nailed down.

There are also sets like the Mandarin Vs. Iron Man with a weird car, sure, but these are integrated as part of a theme.  They are a marketing decision with a wider scope.

I could even see them accepting a novel spin on a concept, like Steampunk Star Wars or Cars Star Wars, something that evokes what exists but implements it in novel way.  

Taking a creator generated build and tying an IP to it, in my opinion, does not result in a "best of both worlds" scenario but a "worst of both worlds" scenario.  You don't get the fans of the IP because they recognize it is not canon, you don't get the indie build lovers because they either don't realize its not canon or just hate supporting licenses, the IP holders have no buy in to let you make the product, and Lego won't want to make a product with no inherent market other than Branding that they have to negotiate licensing rights on.

Let your content speak for itself.  

World of Energy modular building set
This is a series of builds based on energy.  I think fundamentally the idea is a good.   The scale is a bit grand though.  I think if it was rebuilt at micro scale it would find a much more accepting market.

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