Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Cuusoo


Macross finally gets the Reflex Engine up and running

Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored parts has, at 11:18 PM (CDT) received its 10,000th support and has become the first project in the Winter 2013 Review. 

Sherlock Bringing in the Fans

Sherlock has found its fan base.  It has surged from 100 support to 3000 in just a few days.
The project is quite well done.  I especially love the small table with the "tea pot" on it.
Now, Sherlock definitely pushes the envelope on Brand Fit, but if you like the concept, support it and let Lego decide on what it wants to do.  

It is always fun for me to see a project "crawl" about and then suddenly shoot up like crazy. It is not often you see a project lounge at an average of 8 support a day for 10 days, then reach 3000+ over the next three.


Personal Projects

Magic School Bus
I uploaded Magic School Bus earlier this week and it is not the fastest project I have posted but I have certainly enjoyed the comments.  The Magic School Bus has a lot of nostalgia for a lot of the regulars on Cuusoo.  I just uploaded the submarine mode too.  I hope you guys like it.  
The Librarian, An Orangutan
So, I have this "Discworld" project up and about.  It is moderately scaled and has five figures included.  I do not doubt that eventually the timeless writing of Terry Pratchett will get this project to 10k but I do wonder if the final set would include the Librarian.  Of all the proposed figs, without being the central character of any, he does lift out rather unapologetically.  So, I have this little insurance policy:  Offering the Librarian independently.  I also figure not every Discworld fan wants a tabletop turtle, but every one can probably get behind a little librarian.

Pick of the Week

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Witch Trial

Who does not love Monty Python?  I saw these on Brother Brick a couple weeks ago and immediately posted them to Rebrick with hopes of seeing them on Cuusoo.  I did not have to wait long.

This is one of those projects you just know are going to reach 10,000, well, as long as it does not get taken down for one reason or another.  This project might take a while to get off the ground but this is just going to bounce around with some Brownian motion until it gets into the right person's ear and then it is going to blow up.

Monty Python fans are not too well organized (limited new content), but there are everywhere.  Even Ernie Cline made a big deal about the Holy Grail in "Ready Player One."   Any Python cast member could crush this project with a single tweet.  John Cleese has 2.7 Million twitter followers for crying out loud. 

My only problem is that there is no recreation of my favorite scene, the Bridge with the Three questions.

Hopefully the fundamentally religious nature of the grail does not derail this project, but Lego does not appear to mind this level of religion as it is not too dissimilar to Indiana Jones in that regard. 


Honorable Mentions


Reekardoo is one of my favorite original creators on Cuusoo.  His first project I saw on Cuusoo was the imaginative Wolfpack Castle.  He later went on to create Galaxy Command with Kit Bristro.  That has been a fantastic experiment but I think this might be my favorite work of his to date.

The Nova helmet works great with the hawk motif.  The white and gold also pairs really well and I love the wings from the front and back.  

Emotions: Autumn

This is artistry that demands presentation.  The amount of leaves used in this is redonculous and I am not sure how many people would seriously buy it but this would be one of the loveliest MOC at any con.  

Backyard Astronomy

I think this is a really solid idea.  There are a lot of backyard astronomers and they are a hearty bunch.  They also tend to dedicate a lot of resources on their hobby, sound familiar?  It would certainly be a boon for the families of backyard astronomers.  If a set based on this concept were to get produced, it would likely be the #1 give given to backyard astronomers that year.  ;)


Tesla XP-14 Corsair
by JWG258
JWG258's Neutrino Jet remains on of my favorite one figure ships since even before it was on Cuusoo.  JWG258 has a great style that is a bit pulpy and works well with Lego's design aesthetic.  I still love the over-greebled Lego ships popular with FOL MOCs but these streamlined designs are awesome too.  The tilt forward cockpit dome is a nice touch. 
Ventriloquist Theatere
Extremely clever idea.  I could definitely see this as part of the minifig line.  I love the expression MrViscom78 has created.
Lego Snooker
This is a really fun build.  The use of  hanging epaulets is awesome!

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