Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rebrick Roundup: Captain Cook's Galleon by Pippo Zane

Another impressive find on Rebrick, this majestic Galleon cutting through the waves.

The ship is a masterful design with some clever implementation I haven't seen before.  The approach of using a flat layer of bricks for the railing of the bow of the ship works quite well and I love the use of the wheel guard at the base.  The figurehead is another excellent touch. It is big and bold and uses the simple yet genius implement of cheese wedges to hold up the bowsprit.

The gorgeous element though, the one that really just breathes so much life into the build is the base frame.  Just look at it: the warm brown wood like frame, straight and precise containing the random and bold chaos of color that is the ocean.  The layout is amazing, a mix of trans-blues, trans-clear, and whites to capture the feel of water in motion.  This array of jumbled pieces is loose yet just firm enough to cradle the ship at a tilt reflecting perfectly the action of the ship. 

I might have gone a bit overboard (see what I did there) with that but its really worth the verbiage.

This build really emphasizes to me the true artistry of Lego.  In what other medium could you accomplish all this?  

I doff my hat to you Pippo Zane.

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  1. well man... I'm speechless! It is the first time somebody does a Review of my MOCs! I want really to thank you for all the nice compliments and top-notch description that makes me feel like a real MOCCER! Pippo Zane