Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lego Idea: Planetary Exploration

It is not often I see an Ideas project that I just feel like sharing immediately but this one certainly makes me take the time to do a quick write up.

Sure with Benny and the Exo-suit we have had a lot of space lately but this one is much less Neo-Classic and more of a "Firefly" vibe which every Browncoat with one foot in reality knows we are not going to get any official LEGO for.

The theme enough would get me interested but check out the amazing part use!  There is a little transmitter dish made with the paint-roller and a micro-tie fighter windshield.  So brilliantly obvious!
Make sure to check ouf the project, there are several really fascinating images to go with it that should inspire LEGO fans of any ilk.

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