Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Personal Projects

Samurai Jack
by DarthKy

This is another fine collaboration between DarthKy and Myself.  Samuriai Jack is simply put one of the greatest action shows to have ever existed, period.

I could tell you the back story, but, believe me, you will enjoy this telling of it much better.  If you have Netflix, you can stream the second season. 

Inspector Spacetime!

Inspector Spacetime was a lot of fun to work on.  For those not in on the "joke" Inspector Spacetime is a fictional show.  To clarify that I mean, it is a show that exists within the show "Community."

Obviously it is a spoof on Doctor Who.  It is fascinating to see how fans of a concept will just take it and run as far afield as they can.  References to Inspector Spacetime can be found all over the place, and now I have added my little piece to this web of geekery. 

As a final note I will add, the top of this phone booth was a real challenge.  You can't see it from the outside but there is quite a bit of snotting going on there. 

Pick of the Week

Micro Airliners

What an amazing collection.  This set would be a great introduction to microbuilding.  It would help showcase how slight variations in parts and configuration can really bring out different personalities in a build.

Additionally, I think every youth who touches LEGO eventually builds a plane about this size with basic bricks, not this detail of course, but it in a clever transition.   Showcasing how more specialized bricks can bring out character and defining qualities.

Honorable Mentions

1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

The grill alone on this deserves special recognition.  This build is a tremendous feat of SNOT work and the ability of the doors, hood and trunk to open add to this.  I really dig all the details in the console.

One thing.  I know that for some builders, color is a personal choice, and for others it is about part availability.  I realize the quarter dome parts don't come in very many color options, but I think this car would look amazing in Black, or one of the dark variants of blue, red, or green. 

A3 Submarine Project

Wow, just, WOW!  The greeble work is amazing, the details are superb.  This looks like an impressive, vehicle ready to take on the depths of the ocean.

The only reason I didn't make it the pick of the week is because the very first LEGO Cuusoo set was a Submarine of a similar concept if not actual LEGO implementation.  Does this seem pretty arbitrary? Sure, but it comes down to these factors when I am comparing the apples and oranges that Ideas has to offer.

Gravity Falls - Mystery Shack
by 34Ian34

I love Gravity Falls, probably my favorite show on television right now.  Very well done recreation of the Mystery Shack.    

Prince of Persia 1989

Extremely well done MOC sure to jump start the memories of the more mature gamers. 




Emmet's Apartment from The LEGO Movie
I am always surprised when these movie based sets make it onto Ideas.  The rules are clear that the builds are to be your own creations.  I could accept it if this was a unique rendition of the apartment but the submitter of this project indicated "We feel this version is about 90% accurate."

I don't understand where Ideas is drawing the line between posting a photo of someone else's work OR copying someone else's work and posting. 
Defender power suit Mk.III
A great example of using a background to your advantage.  I would have repositioned the object in the foreground for best view of the power suit.
Star Wars UCS C-3PO Bust
Quite beautiful.  Look at all that chrome gold!
Lego Jenga
There are several project that attempt to recreate a functional thing in LEGO.  I never quite get those things that totally remove the LEGO aspect to accomplish this.

Classic Space Micro-scale Beta II Ship
by Colin23
I always like the idea of micro-sets, even toyed with the idea of doing them myself,  but they never seem to catch on with the public.  I think the issue is that the FOL fans of the theme like them, but not general FOLs and the non-FOL voting public does not see why you would want a tiny set.  Just a speculation.  I am not giving up on this concept though. 
Spy Car with Gadgets - Classic 1962 Ford Zodiac
Eddiecat007 shows how you can faithfully demonstrate the details of your ideas using a simple video.

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