Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Personal Project


Monk is one of my favorite shows.  Saabfan approached me about collaborating on it and in the long run, I just could not resist.  This one was a LOT of fun.  

Pick of the Week

Chinese New Year Dragon
by Mibitat

This is one of those projects I have considered doing for a long time.  One reason being that I walk by a ad for joining a Dragon/Lion league every day.  

Mibitat has showcased a beautiful Dragon head (love the palms for the ears/horns) and a great, authentic looking body.

This design does appear to be a bit out of proportion with what I am familiar with.  I assume the awesome dragon head dictated the scale of everything else though, and I think Mibitat made the right decision in that case. 

Honorable Mentions

American Pickers
by Colin23

I am not directly familiar with the show but I know the type.  The use of Classic Lego references is what really sells me on this project.  That is knowing your audience.  

LEGO Architecture - Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong
by aleehc

Elegantly simple with clever use of elements.  


The Flying Dutchman Pirate Ship
Gorgeous and impressive, but so is the one in 9th ranking on Ideas.  It had two years to reach 6250 and has minifigure elements.   It will be interesting to see how this one compares in the long run.    
Red Arrows Folland Gnat
LEGO McDonalds in Korea
A complex and impressive piece of work.
Modular Parisian Drugstore
by Vean2
For best impact, at least for me, the exterior of a modular should vary from floor to floor, It should share elements from the other floors but each story should add more to the narrative.

Now I know that most multistory buildings are pretty much identical on every story, such as Parisian Drugstores, but these do not make for compelling modulars in my experience. 
Billund Airport (architecture)
A great idea for a small architecture build.
Clash of Clans
Very well done custom figures.  
Despicable Me Minion Workshop
The minions in this project seem pretty well designed but the photos are not in focus on the characters that the project hangs on.  Take your time to get that perfect shot so people can fully appreciate the hard work you have put into your project. 
LEGO Boardwalk
This project has a lot of very well implemented arcade elements.
The Hunter (SDA - 03)
I like this design a lot.  It suffers of course from not being rendered and also from being on the standard background who so many people are trained to ignore by the ho-hum projects that so commonly use them.
Animal Friends Brickfigures
A fun send up for the fans of Fabuland.
Tactical Forklift
by JanYap
These last two are more JanYap originals that combine creative concepts with impressive presentation
Rocket Mail
by JanYap

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