Monday, August 11, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Pick of the Week

Planetary Exploration

Probably no surprise to my regular readers that this is the pick of the week as I already mentioned how much I love this project in this posting here. You could go check that out, but I think you time would be best served just going straight to the project and supporting it.

Honorable Mentions

LEGO Pueblo

What a MOC!  Very novel too.  I would love a western themed MOC that respects Native American culture, especially 

Unfortunately, if I know my LEGO elements, that guitar is not a LEGO element.  There are electric style guitars sure but, much to my chagrin, nothing in the classic guitar style.

I realize that the guitar is a very small element of a very large and impressive project but it does endanger the overall success of the project.

Pan Am Worldport

One of the things I love about the LEGO Tower Bridge is the miniature cars.  I love this model for the same reason.  This is not only a great recreation a complex structure, but it is also paired with some great aircraft microbuilds. 


The Juno model is very nice, I really like the solar panels too.  The brilliance of this project lies less in the model though and more in Juno's previously existing association with LEGO.  If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the project.


Fossil Museum
The T-rex is pretty much the most popular dinosaur there is.  The only reason I can assume that one is not present in this project is because  Whatpumpkin has left it out so as to not be so on the nose with the Research Institute.

The fact of the matter is that, at least for the next year (or more) any project with a dino-skeleton in it, or a laboratory for that matter is going to be considered a reflection of the Research Institute.  If you are going to make a set that touches on Research Institute, or any existing set, don't hold back.  Fully commit to the concept, and take whatever knocks you are going to take.  If you are serious about the project, it will make for a better concept in the long run.

Course I could totally be wrong about Whatpumpkin's reasons for not including a T-rex but the project still makes for a good talking point on this subject.  

The Scout camping project
Scouts are really just a 10k run waiting to happen.  Someday someone will get there.  
LL928 Comes Home
One of many Neo-Classic projects we have seen in the post Benny/Exo-suit era. 

While plenty of greeble has been added, and this is a fun recreation of the LL928, I would like to see a bit more creative interpretation.
A really great build.  Personally I would catalog Air Force One as a vehicle of war and not allow it, but to be sure, that is mostly because "war vehicles" are hard to define and I would lean towards a very strict interpretation to try to keep things easy. 
Halloween Street
Halloween builds are always a fun use of figs.
The Renegade: Micro-Scale Steampunk Airship
I can't wait for LEGO to finally create a Steampunk Airship.  Please vote for every one you can.
Frozen: Yeti Battle
The MOCs presented in this project are very playable and look like a lot of fun.  This would be a great MOC to see at a con and I know some people who would vote for this project based solely on the improper subject matter.

However, I never recommend anyone serious about getting produced expand an IP into new, unlikely, territory as part of their project.  Sure, make whatever project you like, but tying Disney IP to Cthulhu is just asking for trouble.

Batman Arkham Knight: The chase for justice
LEGO Ideas projects are not suppose to depict torture.  I have no idea how many project fail to get passed the exception.  I am surprised that this one has.

The project apparently depicts a police officer being dragged by a car.  I am not sure how LEGO defines torture, but this can't be pleasant. 
Calvin & Hobbes
by pinar
In my early days on Ideas (Cuusoo) I considered many times making a Calvin and Hobbes project.  I an a huge fan of the work.

Bill Watterson is however, famously against merchandising his creations and I respect that. 
Spirited Away: Dragon Haku
The model is pretty good, if a bit hard to see.  I always respect it when creators, like LordLEGOTube, go through the effort of recreating images that the fans can appreciate.

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