Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ideas Quarterly Review

This is quick overview of my favorite projects from the last 3 months of Ideas submissions. 

Stand Out Projects

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

"Coke Bottle Curves"

Planetary Exploration

Evokes what I love most about both LEGO and Firefly.

Record Store

Amazing job re-contextualizing printed elements into something new and unexpected.

LEGO Pueblo

Gorgeous and novel.

GHOSTBUSTERS HQ Midiscale version

Microbuilding at its best.

Red Arrows Folland Gnat


Laser Guided Catapult-on-a-Truck
by JanYap

Expertly executed genre mix-up

Formula SPACE!
by jmathis

A perfect example of taking nostalgia into new and unexpected directions.



Fossil Museum
Perhaps a bit derivative but a very popular subject.
Star Citizen: Arena Commander
Fun geometries, appealing design, and fantastic background.
Initial D - 20th Anniversary
A nice send up of a classic manga
I love Tree Houses of every sort.
Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary
Though not directly related to the project, there is a fantastic video in this project regarding Mary Poppins 
Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child
by Concore
One of the more stand out Doctor Who projects
Bilbo's 111th Birthday
by saabfan
Very festive
LOTR - Rivendell Part 5
My favorite (just based on aesthetics) of the Rivendell series by Anduin1710
Chinese New Year Dragon
by Mibitat
That Brick built head is really well done.
Coinop Videogame
by msx80
The geometry on this one is really impressive.
Exotic Market
Tropical Beach Hut
by miro78
Expert use of all kinds of specialized elements.
"Pathfinder" Recon Walker
Star Wars walker meets Exo-suit.
The Battle For Minas Tirith
You have to love the Minas Tiriths on Ideas. 
Imperial Hot Tub
LOTR - Rivendell
The complete Rivendell, huge sure, but worth a look. 
Pictorial Map of Europe
by mmbace
A really fun idea, well executed.
LEGO Starbucks Cafe Modular
All the hallmarks of an excellent Modular: consistent theme but executed with variation on each floor with clever, detailed, minifig builds inside.
1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
Well done.
The Gilded Crow
Great ship with fantastic presentation.
by JWG258
I really enjoy JWG258's colorful one person crafts.
The Battle of Kazad Dum
Very well done Balrog.
Retro Space "Hyperfighter"
Now that is some Classic Space (not Classic LEGO Space)
GARAGE LIFE - Oldtimer VOLKSWAGEN "service and
All you need to keep your Large Scale LEGO Cars in shape.
Vintage Bus
Doraemon Fujiko F.Fujio 80th Anniversary commemora
by woontze
Tons of details on this one.
Micro Airliners
So much variations in such a tiny scale. 
TMNT Party Wagon
Right out of my memory of the show.
Wallace & Gromit Brickfigures
Wallace looks spot on.
Inspector Spacetime!
Not where but When!
Pan Am Worldport
I like the take on architecture with clever microbuilds.
A3 Submarine Project
So much greeble!
The Lion King Brickfigure Animals
Well done. 
Expedition Savannah
Great Presentation
Mountain Tour
Great Presentation (as above).
X-15 rocket-plane
Great build, presentation, and labeling.
World Sports
A ton of details in this one. 
V/STOL Aircraft
I love VTOLs
Combine Harvester
by Hajdekr
So much smaller than it has any right to be.  Excellent microbuild.
Catbus from "My Neighbor Totoro"
simple but just right.
Samurai Jack
by DarthKy
California Dream
Great Presentation (as above).
The Oregon Trail
by Ohmadon
ah, the nostalgia!
Gee Bee Model R Bendix Racer
I have always found this bulky plane very compelling.
Martin JRM-3 Mars Water Bomber
by mmbace
Great design
ML - Explorer
Very surprised to see the ring work out so well.
White Rose
Borders the organic and the rigid, very nice.
by mc2k13
BeeBot - The Honey Detecting Robot
by JanYap
Propeller Snowmobile
by Hajdekr
Fantastic use of the motorcycle frame.
The Hunter (SDA - 03)
I like the nacelles on this.
Datsun Roadster
Surprisingly detailed for the scale.
Hazardous Materials Management Transporter
by Rojerty
Looks like a lot of fun.
Borders between really cool and adorable.
Prince of Persia 1989
Looks just like the game, but in LEGO.  Great work maintaining the pixelated look. 
Eliminator ZZ
by JWG258
Another of JWG258's colorful one person crafts.
Mini-Dolls, Large Scale Character Frame.
by Ehl-Jay
Great designs
Galactic Defender
Nice hanging shot and a fun looking ship
Combinators: Project Duotron
Very clever how these eight microbuilds pair up to form robots. 
25th century Mech - NeonKnight Variform Steel Drag
Great microbuilds in both forms.

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