Monday, September 22, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Pick of the Week

Star Citizen: Arena Commander

Star Citizen has been in the "news" lately but my selection of this project has nothing to do with that.

This project has an engaging model and it backs that with graphics that will engage people who have no idea what Star Citizen is.

whether it is part of a larger IP or totally your own creation, this is how you sell your spaceship. 

Honorable Mentions

LEGO Starbucks Cafe Modular

A very well executed modular.  It crams a ton of proper content into a tiny square footage while presenting a lovely building that has a consistent theme through each floor while still having compelling variations.

ML - Explorer

This is a really fun build with a video showcasing its fascinating and unique nature.  It does seem rock a bit which is too bad, and I assume it can't turn, but that does not detract from its original nature.  

Construction Vehicles
by aleehc

A fun series of small scale models. 


Hydrogen Fuel Station
This is a really nice "fuel station" but it you didn't tell me it was a "hydrogen fuel station" I would not know the difference from a standard gas station.  Nothing wrong with that, just pointing out perspective.

I hope Noisemaker00 is trying to get Hydrogen fuel groups to support this project,
LEGO Glasses
The Adventures of Tintin: Explorers On the Moon
Tintin, with 16 project and the most supported of those having less than 200 support remains one of the most utilized / least supported Intellectual Properties.   
Maserati 3500 GTI Spyder (100th anniversary)
While the scale of this build prevents the ready and easy recreation of the curves of the 3500 GTI Spyder, this project stands out for its use of video and leveraging Maserati's anniversary.
Old TEE Trans Europ Express VT11 Train
An excellent train, but please, center your images
Jeanne D'Arc - Escorting the Dauphin to Orléa
Given that Jeanne D'Arc is a Roman Catholic Saint, and thus a religious figure,  I was very surprised to see this on Ideas.
MASP São Paulo
Very accurate.

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