Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas

Pueblo: Less Musical, More Legitimate


In early August this beautiful Pueblo project was published to Ideas.   I would have been excited to share this creative and expertly executed project but for one reason.  Where the horse rider now has a rifle, he had a classic acoustic guitar.

While it personally I would prefer a guitar to the portrayed rifle, the issue is that LEGO has never produced an acoustic guitar element.   The guitar was actually a third party element.  Ideas is not suppose to allow project that include non-LEGO elements, but sometimes a project flies under the radar.

I assumed that eventually, the project would get taken down for violating the guidelines but I am very glad to see that not only has Ideas allowed the project to be updated to remove the offending element, but has also just selected the project for staff pick.

Pick of the Week

Formula SPACE!
by jmathis

There is a particular type of project I love to encounter on Ideas.  I actively seek MOCs that embrace the history of LEGO but also revitalizes it, takes it in a new direction; builds like the Benny's Spaceship and the Exo-suit.  There are plenty of project on Ideas that reference old themes but rather than evolution most of these just show modernization.

This project, however, showcases what I am looking for.  First off, the project is, independent of any LEGO connection, well executed.  The vehicles have class and stand out from the normal "space fare," not just some random cobbled together ships.  But with the connection to LEGO history: classic space, Blacktron, and Octan, there is suddenly personality, nostalgia, and audience as well. 

Truly awesome!  I hope the FOL community can see past the low render quality and see this project for the full potential that it has.

While I believe three vehicles is an appropriate number for a set, a canny approach for this project might be to allow FOLs to vote on their favorite references, perhaps adding possibilities like the Black Falcons, Knight's Kingdom, etc...of course, if Jmathis is specifically attached to the presented themes, then stick with what you love.

Honorable Mentions

"Pathfinder" Recon Walker

This looks like an awesome mash up of the Exo-suit and a Star Wars walker.  Excellent scenery really helps to showcase the build.

Fair or unfair, it is going to be extremely hard for any grey, greebled out mecha to get out of Peter Reid's shadow for the foreseeable future.

Doraemon Fujiko F.Fujio 80th Anniversary commemora
by woontze

I am not terribly familiar with Doraemon, though I have seen the commercials on Disney XD and caught a few minutes of a couple episodes.  But, I don't really need any background to appreciate the attention to detail and production value that this project has.

The Doraemon figure is excellently executed, though technically I doubt the Maggie body would be available as an unlicensed element.  That of course does not prevent one from executing the project, more power to Woontze.

In addition to all the fine and accurate details, I really like how the windows are printed with an urban scene.  The mechanism for the transition to the time machine is also well done.    

GARAGE LIFE - Oldtimer VOLKSWAGEN "service and

With it appearing that LEGO is now in the business of making at least one large scale car a year, in collector quality details, this Idea seems quite attractive.

The only potential issue is that I assume the the high end vehicles speak to individuals...for instance, while I respect them all, I have not purchased any yet for myself, but if last week's Stingray comes out though...I will certainly be picking it up, and this would be a great way to display it.

Fans might have to support this project in anticipation of their favorite car coming out to pair it with.

GHOSTBUSTERS HQ Midiscale version

 Wow!  This is really impressive.  I can't believe the level of detail Orion Pax got into this scale.  The Ecto-2 is a brilliant touch.

Rough Trade Music Store

This project really showcases the impact of having the right prints.  If you imagine all the plates being blank this is a pretty simple build actually.  Not knocking the project at all, just pointing out that the right details really bring a project to life. 

Hazardous Materials Management Transporter
by Rojerty

This is a really fun design with some great play features.  I like the use of the "helicopter" canopy for a wheeled vehicle.

V/STOL Aircraft

I have a thing for tilt rotor aircraft so I am a bit conflicted about this project.  If I could buy this right now, as is, I certainly would.  Here is the catch though, it is clear this project is heavily inspired by the Boeing V-22 Osprey.  Some might argue that this project has just filed off the serial numbers.
So why not have this be an Osprey officially?  Well, the Osprey is a military vehicle and therefore not viable as an ideas project.  So this is a project for a generic tilt rotor aircraft and for generic tilt rotor aircraft that look like the Osprey, we already have the 60021 Cargo Heliplane set.

Now, I am not saying that Herodesignstw and Mybuild2013 should not try to get this produced, but it does, regardless of the evident quality of the MOC, find itself trying to get the attention of FOLs who have an available substitute in the stores.  

Combinators: Project Duotron

Eight micro build vehicles that pair together to form four different mecha/robots.  This one is rather clever with some intriguing designs.

X-15 rocket-plane

A quality MOC enhanced by an appropriate background image, a nice thruster effect, and a well placed title.  Well done.


Wedding Studio
Kissclassic has a great example of how a Modular can show great variety in a build while maintaining a cohesive theme. 
The Marquis
Abathar6 has some great projects that demonstrate how to make your space ships stand out in the crowd.  
Disney Lego Ratatouille: le bistrot chez Remy
The subject of a project should be immediately clear to the target audience.  This can often be accomplished by displaying a logo and a pertinent character.

To be sure though, these indicators should be placed so as to avoid awkward crops on thumbnails and when shared via social media for best effect.

White Rose
A nice piece of art.  I like it a lot.
Alice in Wonderland: a mad Tea Party
A very impressive MOC. 
Propeller Snowmobile
by Hajdekr
Really impressed with what Hajdekr did with the front wheel hub there. 
Datsun Roadster
This build has impressive curves for the scale.
Awesome MOC, but ideally this should have been uploaded months before the Guardians of the Galaxy come out in the US.  Although the film is an great ride, the hype machine for the movie has come and gone.

Now, there are international markets that have not received the film yet so Stickhim might just want to see about leveraging those.

Eliminator ZZ
by JWG258
If you like one-seater space craft with a lot of personality, JWG258 is the designer for you
Star Citizen Hornet
Very well done MOC.  Turbo kiwi has a tough job ahead of them though if they want to catch up with the current Star Citizen Hornet project
A Charlie Brown Christmas
A well done project, but like Scooby Doo, inherently limited by the inability to present a critical non-human character as the fans would demand.
Soviet Moonshot
by ikuzus
An interesting take on "real space" projects

On the Subject of Racers...

DC Superhero Racers
by Okay
If you like fun, themed racers you might also want to check out Okay's DC, Marvel, and Disney racers.

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