Friday, September 5, 2014

Some Interesting Ideas


Reports appear to indicate that LEGO has overtaken Mattel as the biggest makes of toys in the world.

Note, as LEGO Ideas only had a very projects go up last week, this is actually a review of two weeks of projects: August 18th - August 29th. 


Pick of the Week

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Could the pick of the week really have been anything else.  I think Brickdater puts it best with "coke bottle curves." This is a true work of art.


Honorable Mentions

Apollo 11 Saturn-V
by saabfan

This project is a fantastic demonstration of the production values that you need for a serious project.  The renders showcase all the details and the backgrounds for them set up and really sell the idea.  Imagery like the Apollo 11 badge integrated.

This kind of effort is what anyone should shoot for in any project.  In a project with as popular of a subject matter as the moon landing, you especially need these levels of detail to ensure that your project stands out.

Tractor 9530

Very impressive build which fantastically integrates the iconic green and yellow branding of John Deere.

Combine Harvester
by Hajdekr

Hajdekr is the LEGO Ideas leader in microscale models.  When I first saw the thumbnail for this project I thought, huh, Hajdekr is building big now?  When I took a closer look I was fascinated at how much details Hajdekr managed to fit into sub-minifig scale. Amazing work


Batmobile (The Lego Movie)
In theory I guess these Movie projects are ok.  They are a request for LEGO to make a set.  Personally though, I just feel like they are plagiarism. 

These people are making projects that are suppose to look just like someone else's LEGO model.  If this was not LEGO's model they used as the source material, it would be an open shut case of plagiarism. Since it is "inspired" by the move, it is allowed for some reason. 

Hardsuit Kit
An impressive model. 
Excavation Project
This is a fun build.  I especially appreciate the project for putting a title in the image.  It broadcasts what the project is about which can be quite confusing when all you see is the thumbnail. 
The HOMER - The car built for Homer
I have seen a few mock ups of the Homer is this is the best one I have seen fully built.

A lot of great photography suits the quality of build.  I also like vignette of Homer demonstrating his sketch of the idea.

It will certainly be an uphill battle for a build based on a single episode of the Simpsons though.  MTTBSSTT will have to make sure to push this project in Simpsons circles... 
A-Team Van
One of the best, if not the best A-team projects I have seen to date.  The figs are customized, the red stripe is there,there is even a MacGyver type rebuilding in this project. 
Doraemon Fujiko F.Fujio 80th Anniversary
by woontze
Very well done build of an animated character.  The figure base as a tongue is a stroke of genius. 
OK Go - Here It Goes Again
I love OK Go videos.  They are a lot of fun.   The moc really captures the look of the band quite well, and serves as a great image of the video.  Unfortunately, for this build, a huge part of the inherent fun is the dynamic nature of OK Go videos. 

I see this picture and the first thing I think is "I want to see the figures move side to side."  Therefore I am immediately disappointed with it.

Additionally, this project really should include a link to the video.

The Oregon Trail
by Ohmadon
A great send up of a classic
Imperial Hot Tub
Martin JRM-3 Mars Water Bomber
by mmbace
Another fine vehicle model by MMbrace.
H. G. Wells' The Time Machine
When you make a project, Ideas shows you what image people are going to see as the Thumbnail.  You should always use this to make sure your image is clear and well represents your project.

While Shaakrob does a great job with this project, demonstrating the source material, which so many others leave out of their projects, Shaakrob has an awkward crop on his title image which bisects their build.  This is even more emphasized in the Facebook share. 
Batman: Detective Comics #27
by Mibitat
I have considered doing builds like this before and it is quite interesting to see a fellow craftsman's interpretation.
Mini-Dolls, Large Scale Character Frame.
by Ehl-Jay
These builds are very impressive and I certainly like the idea of a kit that helps you design the figures.

I do find it a bit of a bait and switch that nearly all the project photos (4 of the 6) are of pop culture figures but the description of the set are directed at Fairy Tale characters.

Another concern I have for this project is the branding.  Mini-dolls is the common term for the friends figure.  So creating a project, aimed at the LEGO community, you might be missing some people just based on confusion of what your project is about.

My advice for this project would be to relaunch the project with more examples of the intended fair tale characters and include the images of the pop culture references as well, but create independent projects for those to get the fan support publicity for the concept. 
Pick-Up Truck
by JanYap
Ha!  Pick Up Truck.

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