Poll for Lego Cuusoo FTL Ship Selection

Update: Gila Monster wins by 2%.

It has been a tooth an nail slog fest between these two from the start but with less than 60 support to go we are locking down the Survey and declaring the Mantis ship "Gila Monster" as the victor.

Now that our Lego Cuusoo FTL project is nearing the 10,000 support mark we need to finalize the specifics of the project.

After reviewing our options we have decided to propose three ships in a single set.  One of the ships will be the Kestrel.  We have decided to let the fans pick which two other ships will join the Kestrel.

In a fan poll, the Osprey was the clear first choice in the community.  The Torus and the Gila Monster are the only true competitors for the third spot and have been slugging it out since the beginning. 

In support of this we have simplified the survey:

Select the Torus (Engi) or Gila Monster (Mantis) for the third ship in the set

It is important to note that in the Cuusoo review process the Lego group will go through a complex process of product design and market review.  This may result in a change in the final lineup of ships that reach production but Kestrel, Osprey, and the top ship from this poll will be our official recommendation, with the runner up being our "first alternate" option.