Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Projects Approaching 1k

Here are ten project approaching the 1000 supporter milestone.  At these level of supporters the support levels are much more spread out.  In earlier reviews you may have noted that the top 10 near a milestone were VERY close.  In this selection the top ten MOCs approaching 1k range from 997 to 850!  These projects are approaching the 10% mark are in the top 2.2% of projects on Cuusoo.

1000 supporters is the big milestone all projects crave to reach (of course 10,000 is a big deal too).  The earlier ones are very nice, but at 1k, Cuusoo takes official notice.

At this point, Cuusoo will do a preliminary review of the project.  This understandably takes some time, but they will inform you at this point if you will be archived or allowed to move forward.  Either way, you will, get an official Lego comment on your project.

If you have not already supported these projects please consider doing so.  They are all very impressive works worthy of merit. 

Mini Cooper
by Steven1980

This amazing Mini is just 3 support shy of 1k. 

Star Wars Opee Sea Killer
by Pepaquin

This is one of the most accurate represntations of an animal I have every seen in Lego.  AND it would go great with your Gungan sub!  Even if you are not sure you would want it in your house, you have to accept the high level of technique required to create such a non-uniform beast.  And this thing is real people.  100% assembled, no rendering.  It can be done! 

Lego Store
by Rayc

Lego Store Modular!  This would make a great addition to the Modular line.  Very on the nose!  Lego store for Lego people! 

the Rhinoceros by Theo Jansen
by Kvanb


by Iron_s

Very impressive "tight" mecha designs.  My only problem with them is that they don't allow for headgear, excluding mohaws that is.  ;)  Maybe Lex Luthor is behind this project.

Portal Test Chamber
by T-brick

If you like Portal, well this is the Crazy Portal project but build with existing Lego. 

Ancient World Civilizations
by Matija

I seriously don't see how this is not past 1k yet.  These builds are gorgeous.  The only serious issue is that Cuusoo is not for introducing themes or eventually Matija is going to have to pick which one to go with. 

UCS All Terrain Armoured Transport
by Cavegod

UCS walker!  What Star Wars fan would not want this Iconic vehicle in true minifig scale! 

by David-hall

This is an interesting concept.  I am not sure how Lucasarts and Lego feel about it though.  Battlepacks have got to be some of the bread and butter that keeps everyone happy.  Not sure what the figure to brick ratio is that goes over the line with Hasbro's Action figure Exclusive license.  BUT, it is not really for us to decide.  Lego can figure that out.  If you WANT it, support it.  If it turns out Lego can't or won't make it....they will tell us.  

Transforming Retro Video Game Accessories
by Vonbrunk

This is hands down one of the most fun concept I have seen on Cuusoo.  Transforming game accessories!  This project is playable, a technical marvel, artistically appealing, and it even has nostalgic appeal.  This is a quadruple threat!

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