Monday, October 22, 2012

Week in Review: October 15th

Pick of the Week

Micro-Mecha Series
by Accelerando

Stunning quadruped mecha!  Who does not love those!  This demonstrates some fantastic technique.  Especially those missile launchers.  On top of all that, and excellent presentation.   The project also includes a unique bipedal mecha to go with it.

Still trying to figure out how those rocket tubes work.  Excellent! 


Honorable Mentions

Neutrino Jet
by JWG258

I saw this ship on MOCpages well before it was on Cuusoo, in fact I posted it on this blog as something I wished was on Cuusoo.  It has a lot of nice greeble, great technique, flair, and personality. 

Advanced motorized forest machine
by JHCreate

Watch the video

Week of Cuusoo

I decided to put the cutoff at 3 support this week.

Purdue Pete
Support Level: 192

This is a fine representation of the Purdue mascot and really shows school spirit.  I considered doing a few builds of my own related to my Alma mater in the early days of Cuusoo.  It is clear now though that Cuusoo is still very much interested in releasing products with a very large fan base.  For this reason I don't really see this bearing any fruit even if it were to get the requisite votes.

It is my personal opinion that a project like this will only succeed to the product stage if it integrates multiple mascots. 
Minifigure hand with attachment point
Support Level: 74

This is a very well though out design, but I can't think Lego would go for it.  I can't believe that there was not a push for this part as soon as Iron Man was on the table.  The wrist element is a part that Lego is a bit finicky about.  To prolong the lifespan of their minifigs they do not promote the removal of Lego hands...likely the primary reason it is a "verboten" build technique.

So, great design.  I would love to have them...but I just can't see Lego producing these.    

Micro-Mecha Series
Support Level: 47

See above

New Short Minifigure Parts
Support Level: 44
Great Pyramid of Giza
Support Level: 36

Give Deadpool his Mech!
Support Level: 32

Photography Store
Support Level: 19
Batman VW Camper Van
Support Level: 18

Ice Temple & Airship
Support Level: 14
Small Octan Gas Station
Support Level: 13

Neutrino Jet
Support Level: 13
POTC Flying Dutchman
Support Level: 12

Modular Abandoned Mansion
Support Level: 11
Coast Guard Lookout Post
Support Level: 10
Unimog Crawler
Support Level: 10

Kim Possible
Support Level: 9
Star Wars: Base on Naboo
Support Level: 8

Karaoke Bar
Support Level: 8

Spy Theme
Support Level: 7
Baseball Stadium
Support Level: 7

Support Level: 6
Witches hut
Support Level: 5

Ninjago Chess
Support Level: 5

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