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Week in Review: October 1st 2012

Cuusoo News 

Cuusoo has released a video describing the Cuusoo Review Process.

Here is a link to the original post

And here is the video:

Pick of the Week

Desert Speeder

This craft has a novel design that is not overdone.  It also uses some great techniques, building off of rods and SNOT to create nice geometries.  The scale is also accessible.  On top of all that the color scheme is fresh.  If you like this one make sure to check out the companion project: Desert Patrol.
On top of all that, the pilot has an awesome headgear element (depicted in project, not above). 

Honorable Mention

Concert Festival Stage
Support Level: 14

The scale of this projects is probably a bit to extreme, but the quality of the work is very impressive and worthy of any Lego Band.  

Statistics & Analysis

Projects Submitted 38
Average Support 8.58
Standard Deviation 14.17

Projects under 5 support 24
Projects with at least 10 support 10
Projects with at least 25 support 2
Projects with at least 50 support 1
Projects with at least 100 support 0


Week of Cuusoo

I decided to put the cutoff at 3 support this week.

Death Star Bowling, Star Wars
Support Level: 82

This is a fun idea, and I can see why its getting all the support, but I see it as having three major issues. 

First is just a personal opinion:  Why would the Death Star being going after troopers.  The only planet that would be appropriate in my book for bowling down troopers is the forest moon of Endor.  The Death Star should be bowling down rebel scum! 

Second...this certainly could not qualify as a building toy.  Lego sets with Star Wars minifigs are required to have a substantial "brick" component. 

Third, and the problem plaguing many "Lego" games on Cuusoo is that there is no justification for it to be made of Lego.  This uses not a single Lego stud.  Lego games are games that are enhanced by the use of Lego.  This concept could be easily done with any ball and a set of action figures/pins.

Still I wish them the best of luck on their journey to 10k.   

Nasa Maven Mission to Mars
Support Level: 34

A very nice model.  Here is a link to the Nasa documentaion on the Maven.  I would have connected the solar panels with some lower profile parts though.  Also, it remind me a little too much of the Hayabusa.

Desert Speeder
Support Level: 23

See my description of this above as my Pick of the Week

Lamborghini Gallardo
Support Level: 21
MiniMetro with NXT
Support Level: 17
Concert Festival Stage
Support Level: 14

Battle of Umbara!
Support Level: 12
Support Level: 11
World globe
Support Level: 10

Support Level: 9

Mars Inc. Multi-Mini
Support Level: 6

Riders set
Support Level: 5
Mini Atlantis Display
Support Level: 5

Marvel Ghost Rider
Support Level: 5
Operation Steam Knights
Support Level: 4

Lego Pneumatic Jack
Support Level: 4

Dark Alley Battle
Support Level: 3
Support Level: 3

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