Friday, October 12, 2012

Week in Review: October 8th, 2012

Bit of a strange week.  All the new projects were presented on Monday and Tuesday, which I reported on already, but there are some numbers to look at ;)


 New Tutorial

I just posted a new Cuusoo tutorial.  Its pretty simple but it could help eradicate one of the most pervasive and easy to fix problems out there "desert background."  This tutorial explains simple cheap ways to set a blank background or photo in your LDD renderings.


New Project

Legend of Korra: Mecha Tank, Korra, Amon, Hiroshi, & Supporter's Choice
by Glenbricker

Here is my latest submission to Cuusoo.  It is the Mecha Tank from Legend of Korra as well as Korra (of course) and Amon. I will soon be finishing Hiroshi to be the pilot of the Mecha Tank.  Then I will be adding one last protagonist to this proposed set. 

I am going to let supporters decide from the following list who will be the fourth fig:

  • Mako 
  • Bolin
  • Tenzin
  • Lin Beifong
  • Asami Sato
  • Generic Metalbender Officer

Pick of the Week

Working Dodgem Cars
by David_boddy


Honorable Mention

Ironman Arc Reactor
by Mr.attacki

This is a very attractive display piece with a lot of great technique.  The snotted slopes are one thing but check out the tile work!  There are perpendicular tiles!  Then you have the Arc Reactor which looks right out of the movie.  Finally, to top it off, it glows! 

This is a great piece that would fit well in the home of anyone who loves Iron Man or Lego...although it does kinda look like a desk fan...

Statistics & Analysis

Projects Submitted 44
Average Support 10.14
Standard Deviation 12.55

Projects under 5 support 20
Projects with at least 10 support 14
Projects with at least 25 support 6
Projects with at least 50 support 1
Projects with at least 100 support 0


Week of Cuusoo

I decided to put the cutoff at 3 support this week.

Ironman Arc Reactor
Support Level: 56

See above
Iron Lion
Support Level: 38

Although a classic "battletech" style mech this design is novel to Cuusoo's long list of Mechs.  Foxi-5 does a great job implementing the shape of the beast and giving it the articulation it needs, but the model is lacking in nuance much basic plating and not enough greeble to really make it come alive.   

Working Dodgem Cars
Support Level: 34
City - Family Campsite
Support Level: 26

Lego X-Men Blackbird
Support Level: 23
star wars: the senate
Support Level: 14

Lamborghini gallardo V 8
Support Level: 11
Skate Park
Support Level: 10

MineCraft Sword
Support Level: 10

Customizeable Mech
Support Level: 8
The Rebublic Defender
Support Level: 7

Mars Inc. All-Terrain truck
Support Level: 6

Old bangles
Support Level: 6
Mono Moto
Support Level: 6

Skate Park
Support Level: 4

FBI Base
Support Level: 4

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