Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: Days to 10k

Approaching 1k Milestone

That Sea Killer is slowly but surly making its way.  It averages 1 support a day. So, if the trend continues it will still be hear next week!         

Star Wars Opee Sea Killer
Support Level: 991
Ancient World Civilizations
Support Level: 965

I now have a report dedicated to Days to 1k here.

Deadline Review

The next review is December 3rd, 2012...that is 25 days from today.  At this point I am pretty certain that space marines have a great shot.  The model I am using is not predictive, in that it does not try to account for acceleration towards completion.  There just is not enough data at this point for any reliable model.

However, as it approaches 10k, with the deadline hot on its heals, I assume the project will get a lot more publicity and it will get it there under the line. 

Don't like how slow a project is going? 

Give it some indirect support to help speed things up.  This link has plenty of examples how.

Days to 10K

I am testing out a new feature, the 1k report to go with the week I will break them up into two reports (probably) but for now, here it is, integrated with the 10k.  Expect more analysis changes in the next few weeks. 

Space Marines!Nickroyer26.6 29
Exo SuitPeterreid17.02 125
- The Legend of Zelda Project -Ragaru34.47 125
Andy/Bugdroid the Android by GoogleGlhturbo19.6 126
Land-Rover Defender 110Sheepo25.6 144
LEGO Bird SeriesDetomaso17.26 342
Mini Shop SeriesPekko17.98 380
Batmobile Tumbler Minifig ScaleBrentwaller8.01 703
Labyrinth Marble MazeTouthomme9.63 746
Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored partsMaxvf17.29 749
Douglas DC-3Ssorg11.4 762
League of Legends of LegoAddam6.96 1016
BTTF - UCS DeLorean Time MachineTeambttf6.39 1081
Apollo 11 Lunar MissionSuzuki6.96 1119
LEGO PokémonKevinhink7.49 1234
Japanese old style architectureTaxon554.1 1522
Pokemon: GyaradosRetinence5.39 1621
PianoHidaka3.77 1841
Red SquirrelVuurzoon4.53 1862
Small YELLOWBrickartist4.43 1866
MINECRAFT Microworld Add-Ons!Dunc2374.96 1889
The Muppets!Jedikermit4.48 1950
Batman: Killer Croc's LairBrickqueen4.24 1959
Modular Apple StoreGotoandbuild2.96 1999
Realistic treesPaultox4.1 2004
LEGO Architecture - Leaning Tower of PisaMoctown3.43 2134
LEGO Mobile Designer for Nintendo 3DS & other devicesFrankie3.77 2143
Ultimate Collectors Series LightsabersScott345673.67 2249
The Bat RisesVelociraptor3.86 2257
Lego StoreRayc3.58 2497
Invisible HandLdiego2.86 2508
HardsuitsIron_s3.39 2641
Corellian Defender (Star Wars the Old Republic)Glenbricker3.24 2869
Modular Town Plan CinemaHinckley2.96 2886
LEGO Settlers of CatanMichael2.72 2991
Flying DutchmanSebeus2.91 3017
The Glory of RomeMminnitt2.53 3062
Galaxy Diner and Empire TheaterSonicstar2.86 3111
Micro Scale Star Wars ScenesToomuchcaffe2.67 3134
Phineas and FerbAwesomeethan2.48 3181
Batman: Man-Bat's LabBrickqueen2.67 3244
Transforming Retro Video Game AccessoriesVonbrunk2.77 3263
Adventure Time! Tree FortDunc2372.91 3295
GhostbustersTeekay2.38 3417
Castle CrashersCzar2.38 3452
Desktop Series: Sky-FiRongyiren2.53 3613
- MegaMan Project -Alatariel2.58 3761
Medieval Market StreetAlexp2.38 3823
Western Town - Pif Paf CityKris_kelvin2.29 3858
Ancient World CivilizationsMatija2.29 3946
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GrandsportSheepo2.29 3966
Female Minifigure SetAlatariel2.29 4037
Marvel Avengers Board GamePekko2.29 4168
RMS TitanicSsorg2.24 4173
LEGO Star Wars Micro Chess SetAvisolo2.05 4280
UCS Venator-Class Star DestroyerJourianbax2.19 4337
Log Cabin - Two Seasons!Ssorg2.15 4395
Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone)Gtrocks11112.19 4403
Vampire GT SupercarCrowkillers1.76 4404
Star Wars Universe PacksBorex2.15 4437
Legolympus (Mythology Theme with Mount Olympus Set)Kiffington2.05 4453
Star Wars Season 4 Phase 2 Clone Battle PacksZspace2.14 4467
LOTR UCS ArgonathShayd_DeGrai2.1 4650
Majestic Airship!Ssorg1.96 4720
Angry Birds - RedChiukeung1.8 4910
UCS Star Wars Jedi Temple CoruscantDimitriniko1.76 4933
Motorized TumblerMahj1.86 4937
Porsche 997 GT3Crowkillers1.81 5221
LEGO Minecraft Board GameOrcaman41.72 5444
Mini CooperSteven19801.62 5523
Kashyyyk-Gunship 7676 UCS - Custom Star Wars 3d_predator1.72 5527
Disney MinifiguresKeTi1.67 5852
Avengers IRONMAN gantrymachine2.0Choisanghun1.62 5886
UCS All Terrain Armoured TransportCavegod1.53 5925
Roller CoasterLuc20001.53 6004
Disney Parks - Castles Collectionlg20121.62 6034
Dump Truck 10x4Designer_han1.57 6060
Lego Mountain BikingJ4mes1.29 6100
Lego minifigures in action figure boxes! A new way to collect!Gruntbuddy1.53 6203
IRON MAN gantrymachineChoisanghun1.53 6204
Star Wars - Star Tours Starspeeder 3000Hjr-holland1.53 6300
Star Wars: Imperial Sith InterceptorJourianbax1.53 6361
James Bond's Aston Martin DB5JJOttens1.53 6386
MINI Cooper Mark ISheepo1.43 6522
ARAK-N3Mahj1.38 6719
Modular Costume Store for Collectible MinifiguresBrentwaller1.34 6861
Micro-build Hogwarts CastleBekindrewind1.34 6889
HindenburgJjottens1.34 6905
Winter Village Train DepotTed_andes1.38 7066
Camper Van ForeverNuno25001.24 7534
Mini BatmobileTiler1.24 7564
Medusa's TempleStrider1.24 7729
Star Wars Opee Sea KillerPepaquin1.14 7903
LEGO UCS TARDIS and other Doctor Who setsXenomurphy1.14 8018
Themed Brick BoxOdd.robot1.14 8152
UCS Tron Light CycleAbathar61.14 8224
Star Wars Modular Buildings/LocationsAcpin1.14 8253
Mirage (realistically speaking)Nannan0.91 8280
NASA Deep Space Habitat and RoverBrianr88111.1 8381
LEGO WALL-E!!Suzuki1.1 8414
EVE Online Ships - MerlinCzar1.0 8543
Star Wars Minifigure packs55FettLinks1.14 8600
Kamino Cloning FacilityDmf4441.1 8786
LOTR: Minas Tirith MicrobuildShayd_degrai1.1 8869
Prototype Attack Mecha Alpha ZeroDanr1.0 8872
Pipe OrganHidaka1.05 8996
Minecraft, the NetherDookie1.05 9052
Goblin Fortress RuinsAlexp1.05 9055
A UCS series of shipsKonajra1.05 9105
Lotus 43 F1Roscopc1.05 9119
The Wizard's HouseAlexp1.05 9244
Micro Power Functions (motors, battery, valve, LED)Midori1.0 9256
Stark TowerMmystery921.05 9274
Avengers Captain AmericaChoisanghun1.05 9284
Cinematic Minifigure SeriesSgtdisney551.0 9401
the Rhinoceros by Theo JansenKvanb0.95 9532
Jedi Mission Battle Pack-p-e-d-r-o-1.0 9585
Lego DC Heroes Minifigures Series 1Maniacdude1.0 9654
LEGO Avengers: The Video GameAwesomeethan1.0 9727
UCS Naboo Royal StarshipAnio0.95 9731

Not on the List? First, I tend to cut off projects after a certain day count, usually 10k.  Additionally, I only monitor projects that have at least 200.  Projects less than that are a little too volatile for proper assessment.  Finally, I track several weeks worth of data to get these numbers, so you might not show up until your project has been post 200 for a few weeks.  

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