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Cuusoo of the Week: November 19th


I have published my first, of I hope many, articles on Brickset this week.  It can be found here.  

Pick of the Week

Space Shuttle Launch Complex
by Teazza

Support Level: 66

This is actually the second 10213 scale space center I have seen.  The first being at Brick Fiesta 2012.  Both are spectacular.  The detailing on the crawler and and the the platforms and gantries and such really sell the amazing complexity that was the shuttle program.  

Alas, I would find it hard for Lego to go forward with such a large and intricate build, as I assume that most people supporting this project would not actually shell out for the extreme price break OR footprint.  This kind of set owns the room as it extends so far in many directions.  

I imagine, like the Minecraft, set that this would get reduced to a more conservative scale. Regardless I would love to own it.  

Honorable Mentions

UCS - LEGO - Star Wars - Venator Class Star Destroyer
by Bobkos13

Seems to be a behomoth theme going on this week.

Large scale Venators are quite popular building subjects and as far as realistic production scales go, this is probably the best one I have seen.   It has all the greeble you want while not looking overstudded, a prefect blend of tiles and plates. 

The fact that the frigate fits in the shuttle base is pretty awesome though I doubt people are going to be getting under this thing too much.

The one fault I have seen on all these large Venators is that they seem to lack Minifig integration like the most recent Star Destroyers.  You can call me too demanding but If I am going to have something that big on my shelf I need it to store some figures ;)

The Twilight
by Gery

I feel a bit damned this week.  Only pointing out the extremely large or the space related builds.  Well, that is the way to goes sometimes.  Regardless. I find this micro build of the Twilight, a Star Wars vehicle, quite charming.  The use of turntable element, without the plate, works well for the design.  The cockpit element is quite clever too. 

Week of Cuusoo 

Space Shuttle Launch Complex
by Teazza

Support Level: 66

See above

percy jackson
by Fanfun

I really can't speak much to this project. I will make that clear.  I have not read the series but I have heard about some of the details.  There are six Percy project to date and this is certainly the best presented but it still looks like it needs a lot of polish before it could be a legitimate Lego set.

That being said, If this project gets to 10k, Lego designers will supply said polish.  So, if you want to see Percy Jackson in Lego, then support the project.

North Pole - Winter Village
by Jimmygiggle

Support Level: 31

Along with the Titanic, Space Center, and Venator, this project rounds out the four plus sized projects that presented this week.

I like the basic concept of a Santa's Work Shop, and the general form of the building is quite appealing, but this project needs a lot of work on presentation.  The scale is so large, this project but I think it is hard to see the details described.   Additionally when I talked with  I had talked Jimmygiggle about the color scheme they indicated that the color selection as based on parts availability rather than aesthetic intent.

In my opinion, a Cuusoo project is much better off going LDD with the right colors than going real brick with the wrong colors.  At the very least it should be mentioned in the project what the desired color scheme is.

Finally, this project claims to be part of the Winter Village collection.  Personally I just don't see it.  Winter Village does not have any fantastical elements.  It is small town in the winter...This is about as fanciful as you can get. 

Jeep Hurricane
Support Level: 19
Hot Dog Minifigure Series ?
Support Level: 17
Narnia: Through the Wardrobe
Support Level: 15

LEGO CITY small crawler crane
Support Level: 11
The Raider
Support Level: 11

VTOL Dropship
Support Level: 11
lego mini tumbler
Support Level: 10

the Tumbler
Support Level: 8
The Twilight
Support Level: 6
Support Level: 5

Support Level: 4

Classic puzzle
Support Level: 3
Vending Machine
Support Level: 3
The Lion King
Support Level: 2

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