Monday, November 12, 2012

Cuusoo of the Week: November 5th

Cuusoo News

Cuusoo has updated and moved their FAQ to Knowledge Base.  The article detailing the move is here and the new FAQ is here.

The server update appears to have removed the interconnect to Get Satisfaction.  I think this is a good move.  GS had become a place for people to request that other create projects.  The feedback link also got in my way a lot on mobile platforms so in that regard I am very happy to see it go. 

Most of the new FAQ is clarification rather than brand new information.  I think the most "useful" clarification is that it is now officially stated that minors CAN be "represented" by their parents/guardians for Cuusoo projects.  This was implied before but not explicitly stated, at least not where I could find it.  

Tags also get a brief explanation.  I guess this was not really talked about anywhere before on official Cuusoo channels.  Tags are critical people.  They keep your projects relevant.

I recently found these awesome orphaned gems when I was digging around:

Screamin' Demon
by Thepaleman

Racing SpaceShip: THE LEAF
by Paulus03217

by Agencyorang3

Without Tags people have to actively seek stuff like this out by randomly looking through Cuusoo to find it (or read my blog ;)

That is a great segue into "Tagging Spam."  (pardon me while I climb onto this preachy soapbox) Please don't put tags on your project that are unrelated to your project.  Nobody likes getting Megablock when they are offered Lego and nobody likes being mislead on a link.  It is misleading and rude.  Have faith in the your project to stand on its own without misleading ploys.  

Pick of the Week

Model of Hogwarts Castle
by Scorpius

Support Level: 147

Not the first "micro" interpretation of Hogwarts (check here for the "original") but certainly gorgeous and worthy of note.  Scorpius is not afraid to go outside the established Lego color scheme for Hogwarts which is a good move in my opinion.  This build has a lot of great design elements and manages to compress a lot of variations into a small space.  The thin tile walls are a nice touch.  I especially like the bridge.  The "cone" roof is growing on me.  That is to say, I thought it was well done to begin but I like it more the more I see it.

Honorable Mentions

Miskatonic Valley, the Lovecraftian Boardgame
by Willgibson

Support Level: 85

This build is insane, literally.  I have not seen a better designed game on Cuusoo, so good in fact that I support this game in spite of its lack of any game rules (now Willgibson is offering instructions off site for some pretty obvious reasons.)  Unfortunately I could not give this the pick of the week based on the fundamental lack of Brand Fit with Lego. 

Week of Cuusoo 

Model of Hogwarts Castle
Support Level: 147

Bling Blocks
Support Level: 19
Batman GCPD Patrol Car
Support Level: 18
Theed Palace
Support Level: 17

Heroica™ War Chess
Support Level: 15
Evil Beasts - Cruel Scorpion
Support Level: 13

Batman Gotham Rogues Stadium
Support Level: 7
Road roller
Support Level: 5

City Display Sub-Theme
Support Level: 5
Tombola (bingo)
Support Level: 4
Real off-road jeep.
Support Level: 4

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